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Munchkin-proofing when you don’t have munchkins!

This is a special post just for us non-parents about a topic I was reminded of two weeks ago.

I guess I got stuck in a bit of a bubble with age groups and forgot about the ‘terrific two’s’ ;). I’ve been around a lot of babies and 5 and up’s in the past year and while I do make an effort to keep some breakables put away when I know they’re coming by, I had forgotten about that curious and exciting phase that is toddlerhood plus.

To paraphrase my friend’s hubby: Think of the three things you don’t want them to find and guaranteed they will find them.

This also means photographs that are not framed yet apparently. It was actually pretty funny that the little one went for the pictures I haven’t had time to frame yet, a couple of my nephew included, and took them on a tour of my main floor.

It also means paperwork that you have stashed under a set of decorating magazines to disguise my less than perfect tidying being relocated to the floor and again, toured around the main floor.

It was really too funny. She wasn’t destructive in the least, but the visit did make me mindful and I thought I should pass on these reminders and tips to my fellow non-parents:

  • If it’s breakable and at a height of less than 5 feet, lock it up or move it entirely.
  • If you have glass topped tables (sadly I’ve seen this one in action and even been a victim  myself hence why mine are rounded) with sharp corners, point them out to the parents first. If you are really creative and are going to have a steady stream of the munchkins coming over for an extended period, pick up some pool noodles, cut them in half lengthwise and use them as bumpers on the glass edge. I’ve even seen this done on the bases of fireplaces.
  • Distract. Since I do have a lot of munchkins swinging by I try to either have a toy for them when they come or craft or activity depending on the age. I also make use of my prized Disney movie collection. Even running out to your local dollar store for a colouring book and crayons is a good thing…however, be aware of where the munchkin is playing with their crayons or you could wind up with a new look to your decorating scheme LOL.
  • Food and drink. I try to have apple juice at the minimum in the fridge when the munchkins come over. Unfortunately they’re not info coffee or wine yet (LOL), so I do try to make concessions. I actually lucked out last time, the cup I had from my MINI Cooper was also mini in size, perfect for little hands! And best of all, not breakable! Since I knew my friends were coming for lunch I made sure I had some canned pasta for their little one or good old KD. I also have fruits and veggies but being that sometimes teeth are tender and some kids don’t like certain foods I keep the traditional stand-by’s like those mentioned on hand. Obviously I subscribe to the ‘keep it simple ‘ theory. 😉

Basically, try to keep breakables away and up and be patient and enjoy! I love having the kids over and if it encourages me to clean up a bit more than usual, it’s not entirely a bad thing is it? 😉



One Response

  1. Hey. If you ever want to test your baby proofing skills, Chloe would be happy to come and help out. The child can find anything to destroy. Added bonus, she’s a climber, and can move furniture to get her where she wants to go. Think the top of the fridge is out of the way. No non. She will climb onto the oven and then reach the fridge!
    She can also work microwaves (and start fires), unlock doors, “take care” of cats and do your dishes with LOTS of dish soap!

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