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Labour Day Labour…around the house that is

Today is the first day of school here in Southern Ontario and really we’re all supposed to be relaxed after the long weekend but me being me, and channeling my ‘inner Martha’, I decided to get some work done.

On Friday while catching up on housework I reached my breaking point with our vacuum that was misbehaving and managed to fix it. I was doing the same room 3 times because the filters kept clogging up, it was driving me nuts! I can now do a room once, and maybe go over it for good measure and we’re good. Whew!

Then, when I was supposed to be sitting and relaxing as per hubby, inspiration hit. It’s always a comical moment when that happens to me because I tend to go from 0-900 in about 1.5 seconds. I visualized an extension to my kitchen shelves with a column support and also NEEDED to find out right there and then if it was possible to use the useless space at the other end of my counter.

I made a call.

It helps to have friends who are architects incidentally, although they do tend to giggle when you start rambling excitedly about this stuff. So I consulted with Lulu. I even took a picture of my idea with a prop column (aka column plant stand that was too short and too wide) so she could see what my vision was.

She of course thinks I’m crazy, but that’s nothing new.

Then she got almost as excited as I was with our plans to improve my kitchen. I’m already planning what to put on said shelves.

Saturday rolls around and I am still in Martha-mode. I made my hubby a lovely breakfast and coffee and then asked sweetly if he’d take me to Home Depot for wood. Nothing surprises my hubby I swear. He agreed hoping that I wasn’t serious I think but then my handy measuring tape and a paper and pen came out and he knew he was in for some work this weekend.

At the top of my stairs is a cupboard with a door and two shelves inside and on top of that is an empty space where stuff accumulated and a mirror to back it.

In other words: Useless!

I NEED a linen cupboard. This space should have been a linen cupboard in the first place. So, I decided to make it into a linen cupboard. Hmpf!

I measured twice, even had hubby check my measurements and math and we were off to the store (Check out my spiffy pic of my ‘drawing’). We got some beautiful oak and some stain and made our way back home after about 90 minutes at the store. ***NOTE: I did freely allow hubby to play in the tool section for a bit as a treat and reward ***

I waited impatiently for it to cool off a bit outside but doing more cleaning and organizing and then set up my little workstation using two cat carriers and a set of coffee cans to balance all the shelves on. I stained them a beautiful golden oak colour to match our railing and then put them away to dry completely overnight. Poor hubby really I think thought he was going to get away with not assembling this project but I was determined to prevail.

After another yummy breakfast(I see nothing wrong with bribing with food to get work done at home), I took the shelves upstairs and he started installing the pieces that they will sit on. All seemed good.

Then we went to put the actual shelves in. Umm, that’d be a ‘no’ in the fit department.

Hubby grabbed the measuring tape and where I measured was indeed 58 x 58. Then he checked in other spots and discovered that the drywall was nowhere near straight at any point in that nook. I wanted to cry. I had such plans for my beloved shelves and now they were on-hold again!

We put the word out and our friend, we call him Ginger, had a table saw, but hubby was done for the day so I had to wait. Anyone who knows me knows that that is never a good thing because I WILL find other ways to occupy myself. This time it was designing and starting on a baby gift for a friend and then ‘taking a break’ by making peach crisp.

I worked on my baby gift a lot on Monday to bide my time until we could go borrow the table saw and even did laundry to try to occupy my time. Finally the time rolled around and I couldn’t get in the car fast enough.

To make a long story short, I know, too late, the shelves finally got cut, we had an awesome visit at Ginger’s house and at around 10pm last night my shelves went in. Too bad I was too tired at that point to put anything on them, but they’re up.

So, on my ‘relaxing’ Labour Day weekend I cleaned, designed, stained, laundered and crafted. I debated more but thought my hubby might leave me LOL. He did get me to sit still long enough to toast marshmallows with him on Saturday night though. A real coup on his part.

How was your long-weekend? Any fun projects?


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