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My crafty weekend

Handmade Baby Blanket

I love to craft, whether it be crocheting (which I am a nut for) or craft painting clay pots or boxes or even basic sewing (a proper seamstress I am not but I wish I was), I just love it. I find  it so relaxing and I can forget about everything when I am doing it. This weekend was all about crafting for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My friend from University came down for a visit and to sew. Now I should explain, we started crafting together a few years ago in the form of scrapbooking and then it evolved to sewing. I arrived at her place one day and she had her sewing machine out and instead of the crop we had planned on, we wound up making dresses! We even had the same little Kenmore machine. A basic one, but one that I adore and doesn’t intimidate me. Then she took off to travel the world and we had to discuss our crafting until she was home again…now of course we’re both nutty with work and other commitments, but we try!

On one of our visits Julia showed me the baby blankets she makes for her nieces and nephews and I was blown away. Stunning! She’ll downplay that, but I adore them and remain very impressed. I bought some fabric and then was given some as well from my sister’s mother-in-law and finally after close to  year we were able to have a sewing day!

I had planned on buying the rest of the supplies needed on Friday but instead decided to be silly and in so doing fell off the stepstool and hurt my arm and leg so I made the decision to sit still instead. Next time I will wait for my hubby before doing stuff like that.

So Saturday we trekked to the fabric store and agreed I should do a practice blanket first so we got the supplies needed and then the fun began!

I must have ironed and pinned my blanket about 6 times to try my darndest to get it right and still had to have Coach Julia as I had termed her, help me do things properly. I learned to be more patient and that I shouldn’t have trimmed the excess fabric until afterwards, oops, but it all turned out ok…just don’t look too closely at the back seams LOL.

I’m very proud of the finished product (see above), but am also VERY glad I did this one as a practice.

And since I wasn’t worn out enough, LOL, I decided to finish my stuffed toy for a friend’s baby-to-bee ;). I can’t show a picture yet, since I haven’t seen her and want to surprise her, but I can assure you it’s uber-adorable.

My hubby, my mom and a lot of my friends can’t get over what I get myself into craft-wise sometimes, but they are all constantly telling me to relax too. This does it for me. I love seeing a piece come together and knowing that I did it. There really is something about getting back to basics isn’t there?

Next up, more practice sewing straight lines: I plan on a curtain for my nifty new linen cupboard that was last weekend’s project for  next weekend, and maybe some painting of the house…. Wish me luck!!!


4 Responses

  1. Amy, you amaze me too. Your talents are endless!

  2. Thanks Patricia!!! I love to learn 🙂

  3. I love it. So cute. I think you did a great job on it. I’m feeling my creative juices flowing.

    • Thank you!!! I have a panel that’s Classic Winnie the Pooh that I’m dying to try next but I may do one more practice one. I just love crafting!

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