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Friday Fun: Getting to Know NonMom

I was sitting at my desk and pondering what to write about and I thought I’d let you all get to know a bit more about me and I’d love it if you’d reply back with some of your unique takes on the questions below too!

1. Favourite Colour: I have two, I LOVE pink, but I also am a big fan of Tiffany blue and try to replicate it in as many places as possible.

2. Favourite TV Shows: I have a few, Glee, Martha (even though I can’t get it in Canada, thank goodness for her website), NCIS (I love Gibbs), Burn Notice (can’t get enough of Jeffrey Donovan) and The Big Bang Theory.

3. Favourite Actress: Jennifer Garner

4. Favourite Actor: A tough one, Jeffrey Donovan (see above) and I’ll always love Harrison Ford.

5. Favourite Car: My absolute dream car is an Aston Martin, any model will do, I adore them.

6. Favourite Vacation Destination: Two here again, I love going out to the Southwestern US (Nevada and Arizona) but I dream about going back to Europe and the UK constantly.

7. Favourite Time of Year: Fall. I love the colours and the freshness of the air. Plus it means harvest season and apples and veggies and more!

8. Favourite item in my closet: My WLU hoodie. I bought it a couple of years ago when I went back to my University for Homecoming and it is the comfiest thing ever.

9. Any pets? Yes indeedy! I have my 2 adorable cats who are pretty sure that they are in fact in charge at home and let my hubby and I continue to live with them.

10. Favourite food: Manicotti. I rarely get it, but I love it!

11. Are you a morning person? No, but I do a good impression of one as soon as I have my coffee. Sleeping in for me for the past 3 years at least is 7:30 am.

12. Hobbies: I have a few. I taught myself to crochet, I love to make cards but haven’t had time in a while. I love to craft paint when I get time too. I garden in my back yard and am learning and practicing sewing more. I also love to take pictures of nature and my cats as well as munchkins. Decorating is another one too. I keep busy.

13. If you had a theme song what would it be? I think the way things have gone lately I would say it’s ‘Edge of Glory’ by Lady Gaga. I’d like to think I’m on the edge of glory. Time will tell.

14. Favourite flower: White roses or blue and green hydrangeas.

15. Favourite game to play: I love board games. Monopoly, Clue, Trivial Pursuit, they all rock. I also majored in Cribbage in first year University.

16. People are surprised to know this about me: I don’t know why but people are always surprised when I tell them how much I love motorsports. I am a huge F1 fan as well as Indy, ALMS, Rolex and WRC. I met my husband while volunteering at the races actually. Fun story, he had a raincoat and I was soaked. Not fair. I haven’t let him live that down yet. 😉

17. Blackberry or iPhone? I cannot function without my Blackberry (can we say BBM?) but I admit I have an iTouch. My first cell phone was a Sony but my fave was my Nokia….I still have it too. Something about that ringtone!

18. Favourite book/author: I am a Jane Austen Fan and Northanger Abbey is probably my favourite of her books. I also fell in love with Jane Eyre a couple of years ago. I love the classics. I am also a Philippa Gregory fan as well as a fan of my friend Patricia Sands and her book, The Bridge Club.

19. Favourite Movie: Again, I have a couple, I love the Harry Potter movies, the first one will remain my favourite though, truly magical. I also love Star Wars, but the original three, and before they were updated and my favourite line was cut. Sixteen Candles is another one as well as The Great Outdoors.

20. Favourite Holiday: I do the most decorating for Christmas, I maintain my tree needs another 150 or so lights to an even 750, but I also love Halloween and want to do more for Halloween this year.

21. Favourite Childhood Toy: My ALF doll. I still have him.

22. My ideal treat to myself: If I’m really craving a treat and know I won’t have buyer’s remorse afterwards (I am notorious for that) it’s either a purse or jewelry. Nothing major on either, but something small. I have my eye on a pair of silver earrings from Tiffany at the moment. And of course I aspire to one-day own a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 to befriend my beloved and treasured Burberry bag I got in my 20’s.

23. What do I love to do on a rainy day?: Other than sleep in? I like to watch movies and simply be lazy.

24. People I admire: My family of course and my hubby. I also love Audrey Hepburn, the epitome of class and elegance.

25. If I could live anywhere?: London. England. From Notting Hill tube station come up to the street, turn left, turn left again and look at the white houses, one of those. I have pictures at home.

26. What would my ideal job be? In a perfect world, I’d love to work in social media, I really enjoy writing and meeting people and sharing ideas. Getting paid for it would be a dream come true. It would also make my degree in Communications work for me 😉

27. Introvert or Extrovert: You’ll be surprised at this one if you’ve ever met me: I am very very shy. Going to a big event and meeting a lot of new people intimidates me but once I find one friend I’m usually great and can easily meet more. I was very shy at BloggyCon over the summer but made some amazing friends there once I got over my nerves. People never believe this but it is something I’ve been working on for a few years now and am getting better with.

My question to you is tell me something about you in the comments section, what makes you ‘you’. Join the fun!


3 Responses

  1. Hey Amy, thanks so much for the mention! It’s always interesting to learn more about each other. You modestly did not mention that you are VERY knowledgeable about social media and you know I appreciate every way you have helped me with that this past year!
    Something you don’t know about me? When I take a break from writing to watch a movie or something else on tv with my husband, I do needlework. If I don’t I fall asleep!
    Blog on, girl!

  2. Fun to read so much about you! I love that you know exactly where in London you would live! I have picked out houses to move into in every place I have visited – from an old Boston brick home to a farmhouse on PEI to a thatched cottage on the English countryside. Despite being a homebody I do have a sense of adventure (I actually enjoy moving!) and like to imagine what life would be like living in different places.

  3. I loved this post!
    Place i’d live if i could live anywhere? Of course New York.
    Something that a lot of people don’t know about me – and that surprises them … I can be pretty funny and I love to laugh. I was in a meeting the other day with a group of people who barely know me. I guess I was on a bit of a role. Afterward someone said “I thought you were so serious.” Ummmmm. no.

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