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Book Launch for Nemecene

NemeceneThis Wednesday night, September 21st,  marks the launch of friend to NonMom, and Toronto author, Karen Lefave’s first book, Nemecene.

The launch takes place at the Gladstone Hotel at 6:30pm and tickets are available on her website here.

In Karen’s own words “I’m introducing a new genre of science fiction I aptly named PSI-fi.  This is where the physical, spiritual and intellectual facets of humanity synergistically combine, as they do in everyday life.  These components create a dynamic, mysterious and ingenious futuristic world for the reader to discover.”

This book, Nemecene, is the first in a series of 10 novels which are aimed at the group who have graduated from the series of a certain boy-wizard and are looking for a new challenge and journey to share in.

What is the book about? In Nemecene, The Epoch of Redress, Earth has been retaliating against her greatest nemesis, the human race, for centuries.  Since 2048, repeated geoengineering attempts have failed, and now the very soul of life, water, is compromised.  Twin siblings, Keeto and Elize, and a third mysterious presence, Nathruyu, open their minds to you as their adventures entwine under the oppressive regime of The Unification.  Will the twins find the answers that they seek in time to save Elize from suffering her mother’s fate?  Or will the questioning lead them down a dangerous path where treachery, lies, and deceit reside?

A minimum of 10% of the profits from sales of the books goes to fund water projects through Aguacene Publishing Inc.

Karen aims to sell 3000+ books in the coming weeks, contact her for more info on her website or via her twitter account @Nemecene.


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