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Every blogger has a story, here is NonMom’s…

I’ve been doing a lot of blog hopping lately and I must admit while I enjoy 99.9% of the posts and blogs, my favourite parts, and what I tend to look for first, is their ‘story’. In the words of a friend’s blog (Patricia), ‘everyone has a story’, despite what they think.

The NonMom story, I thought at least, wasn’t much to speak or write about, but after the past year I realize I do have one and it’s one I would like to share.

How did NonMom come to be? NonMom really actually started as a conversation with a couple dear friends one night when they were over for a visit. We were chatting about munchkins as my friend was pregnant with her first (who is uber-adorable I might add), and I was passing on some tips on gear etc. that I had garnered by watching my many friends with kids over the years and seemed to be the steady favourites and tried and true items and techniques.

I NEVER pretend to know it all, and I am more than aware that I can’t know the struggles unless I am actually in their shoes, but if I can pass on tips that I see working from others, I will.

So began the project that has become NonMom.

It started as a blog and twitter and this year I have added the Facebook page, a YouTube channel and am working on growing into a community.

I have worked hard, and never think that there isn’t work involved in blogging, there is, just ask any blogger, and have had some amazing opportunities

This summer I went to my very first blogging conference, aptly named BloggyCon, and was I ever inspired. I was really nervous about going in the first place and really didn’t know what to expect but once we were in our Blog Squads I settled in and could not believe how much we all had in common, even me,  a NonMom! I made friendships I cherish already and even met my American twin! She and I totally hit it off and could not get over how much we both have in common from crochet to tv and more!

I took lots of notes and paid attention to the speakers, and did they ever have some good ones, and have been steadily implementing changes ever since.

I may not be a Mommy per se, but I sure have a lot of friends who are and who I talk to and learn from. Why not pass around good advice and tips through my blog etc.? I’m savvy, I try to keep on top of the trends and I thoroughly enjoy munchkin-time with my friends’ kids as well as nephew-kins. And boy do I ever pass on good tips when they come up to my friends. That’s why I love doing reviews and am so thankful for the opportunity to do them that I’m given from time to time.

Others like me need to know what Kreo-O, Littlest Pet Shop and the new Elmo are all about so we know a) what the kids and our friends are talking about, and b) what to get them for birthdays and holidays. It comes up and we usually draw blanks and are easily recognizable wandering with a bewildered look on our faces at the toy stores so I have set NonMom up to be ‘a translator’ between those with kids and those without.

I came up with that at BloggyCon ;).

I also like to post about fun goings-on and life as, well, me! I’m not an overly trendy gal living in the city, I’m a crafty average gal living in the suburbs trying to make ends meet and navigate life successfully. I work hard, and I work a lot. My mom likes to call me a gal-Friday, I say I’m a Jill of some trades. I do love a few choice items though, my beloved Burberry bag is one and a couple small pieces from a certain jewelry store do indeed make me smile. I like to dress up and look like a true city gal from time to time, but 90% of the time I like to be comfy and you’re lucky if you see me wearing make-up. Even hubby knows it’s a special occasion when I do that. I like wearing it, I just can’t be bothered unless I deem it necessary. That and foundation in any form wreaks havoc on my skin and having breakouts in my 30’s is not something I enjoy.

I’m married with two cats, hence ‘Everything BUT the Kid!’, a racing fan (F1!), a Martha Stewart wannabe (seriously, you should see my Christmas tree, my hubby says aircraft may start landing on our street from the lights), a lover of books and a self-taught crocheter who cannot seem to put the yarn down. I love trying out new stuff and the relationship I have with one company in particular (Hasbro) lets me really be a kid from time to time, and embarass myself with giggle fits when I see the new stuff they have too.

I hope this post answers a few questions for you and you follow along with the fun! I love comments and look  forward to reading them 🙂



6 Responses

  1. Great blog Amy! You do have a great story. Thanks for the mention and keep up the excellent information-sharing you have going on your blog. Love it!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. Following you back.

  3. Yeah for the Nonmom blog!!!

  4. I just have to say that you are one AWESOME woman! I like the part about your Martha Stewart Christmas tree..we must be kindred spirits!

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