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Review: Crib Life Dolls

Hasbro Crib Life EllaAbout a week ago I was sent one of the new Hasbro Crib Life dolls to check out. I had seen them at the Holiday Preview event in July and was immediately impressed at how cheerful and friendly they looked unlike another toy that I know are trendy but they just look so angry and stuck-up so I don’t enjoy them.

What I like about the Crib Life dolls is how you’re not just getting a doll and a couple of cute accessories, you also get a whole experience by registering on the CribLife.com website.

What comes in the box? The doll of course, I was sent Ella and as you can see, she’s really cute! She also came with a keychain with a code on the back (for the website) and a little charm for Ella. She’s fully jointed which impressed me and is small enough to take on trips without being bulky. I really think the face on her is adorable and look at those eyes! Cheerful and sweet, I like that.

Now onto the other really neat component of this toy and why I like it.

You’re not just getting a cute doll to play with, you’re getting a whole experience. I checked it out, I was VERY impressed! When you use your code from the doll’s keychain to log in you are taken to the world of Crib Life. Even the song is cute, and it’s catchy, I’ve had parts of it in my head all weekend LOL.

There are music videos, and the other Crib Life characters send messages and sort of guide you along on the website. The kids can print off special VIP passes for extended play with their friends, perhaps put on a doll concert, I know I did enough of those when I was a kid and they were so much fun! There are also games, one that is similar to RockBand on the gaming systems but customized to the toy. There are pictures and stories as well as printable colouring pages and more. I really like that this toy is so much more than just a doll. Again, I like when the toys can be used in more than just one way. I like value for my dollar and I know a lot of parents who do too. This lets the kids play as well as learn skills on the computer in a safe and fun way.

I say check them out, this one goes on my holiday 2011 gift list ideas for sure!



One Response

  1. She does look cute… I think I know what other dolls you’re talking about…and I don’t want to add them to our household, but this one I’d be okay with! I haven’t seen it in the store yet, but I’m thinking my little girl would love it…

    stopping by from bloggy moms ~

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