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Barilla Pasta & Scott Conant at Scarpetta in TO

Barilla Whole Grain PastaWow! What a whirlwind week it has been! I was treated to a delectable lunch on Tuesday by renowned chef Scott Conant at his restaurant, Scarpetta at the Thompson Hotel, for Barilla Pasta’s launch of their new Whole Grain pasta line.

It. Was. Divine. Period.

I am not normally a whole wheat pasta girl as I do not enjoy the texture of it, but this is different, it doesn’t have that problem. I asked the Barilla reps about it in more detail and they told us that it was because their whole grain line is 51% whole wheat, not 100%. Why is that significant? Because it actually tastes how pasta should taste, and trust me, I love my pasta…my hubby jokes that I’m the only Irish girl he knows who cooks all Italian ;).

Why is this significant to you, my readers? Because I keep hearing from parents and how the kids pick out the whole grain pasta even when mixed with regular pasta and won’t eat it. Here’s a way to incorporate more healthy alternatives without the headache. For us who may babysit the kids, we need to know these tricks! And for us non-parents, we like to stay healthy too and pasta is a great way to enjoy a myriad of vegetables and ingredients with one simple base.

I found out that Barilla is Italy’s #1 pasta, and that they have been expanding into Canada and the U.S. in recent years even going so far as to open plants and offices on our shores. All of the wheat is proprietary as well and, this surprised me, it is grown here in North America too!

It is the ideal pasta for anyone seeking to increase their intake of fibre and whole grains without sacrificing taste which has been an issue when introducing this type of pasta into diets previously. And for me, who has trouble digesting whole grains, I felt zero effects from it so I will be using it to up my fibre without worry.

At the event, we were treated to a demo in the kitchen by Scott where he showed us one of the delectable dishes he would be making for us. I was rather excited when he started with the pan flipping of the ingredients thing, I WISH I could do that without making a mess LOL.

He also gave us a few tips that I’ll share now:

1. Never break your pasta when putting it in the pot to cook

2. Use Kosher salt to cook it in (I asked that one and then proceeded to buy some the next day)

There were more, but I’ll post them later ;).

We also found out how important it is to have your pasta al dente, it’s better for your glycemic index and digestion. This is also key for diabetics as it lowers the risk for them and with diabetes being so prevalent nowadays, this stuck out in my mind.

 “At Barilla, we take great care to develop pastas that not only provide the benefits of healthy eating but also deliver on the great taste and quality that you would expect from Italy’s #1 brand of pasta,” said Gino Rulli, Country Manager, Barilla Canada.  “In fact, we are so confident that Canadians will embrace Barilla Whole Grain, that we are launching the Barilla Whole Grain Taste Challenge to inspire Canadians to try it.”

To participate in the challenge, which runs from October 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011, simply purchase a box of Barilla Whole Grain and try it. People who are not completely satisfied with the product can receive a free box of their favourite regular Barilla pasta by submitting a completed redemption form found on the promotion web site, original store receipt and UPC symbol. Offered in four shapes – Rotini, Penne, Spaghetti and Thin Spaghetti – Barilla Whole Grain is now available in mass merchandise stores across Canada.

To help people get the most out of the Barilla Whole Grain Taste Challenge, Scott Conant has created easy and delicious recipes featuring Barilla Whole Grain.  Check out Scott’s exclusive Barilla Whole Grain recipes below and visit www.TryBarillaWholeGrain.ca for more Barilla recipes, nutritional information and challenge rules.

Happy & Healthy Eating to you all!

Barilla Pasta


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  1. Great information about their whole grain pasta. I have to admit I could never get excited about it but will try Barilla’s for sure. Thanks!

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