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Happy Halloween Memories!

‘It’s just a jump to the left….’ (Couldn’t resist!)

How much do I love Halloween? TONNES!!!!!! It’s truly one of my favourite holidays and I wish I had more time to decorate more but this year that just didn’t work out Not to fear though, Harvey, my glittered funkin (idea from Martha Stewart, my idol, a few years ago) is ready to go with his three battery operated tealights (cause no one wants to see a funkin catch fire) and the candy bowl has both candy and the Play-Doh packs ready to be handed out.


I. Am. So. Excited.

I have so many awesome memories of Halloween over the years and I thought this post would be a great way to share them with you and then I would love to hear yours as well!

I remember being very little because we were still at the first house, so that would be kindergarten then, and my sister was ill so my dad took me out trick-or-treating and I brought along an extra plastic pumkin candy carrier to get some candy for her too. It was so much fun and she really loved it.

I also clearly remember the first year in Oakville and how our whole area was under construction. No one had lawns yet and I a lot of the houses were still being built. That didn’t stop my sister and I, we hit the pavement and got our best haul EVER! Clearly other trick-or-treaters had neglected the area because of the lack of houses, but we capitalized and got more by stopping at less houses. It’s all about strategy we determined and never missed an area like that again in our trick-or-treating.

A family that both my sister and I babysat for over the years who lived about 3 doors up from us had an awesome scarecrow out front one year. We told them so when we got to the door, then quickly figured out that it wasn’t a scarecrow, it was the husband…..I think I jumped about 10 feet in the air…..what a great trick that was! So much fun!

Then my sister and I went out with our respective friends separately. My friends (and we’re friends to this day too which is great), P & T and I met up and had a great time. I remember T was a dice, her costume rocked! We put a lot of walking in that night but were efficient and again, great hauls were had.

I’m not kidding when I say it’s all I can do to not put on a mask and head out again this year, gotta teach the current generation how it’s done ;).


As a non-parent do you get excited about Halloween? I love seeing the costumes and painted faces, it’s the best. Do you hand out treats?




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