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Holiday 2011 Review: Battleship LIVE!

Battleship LIVE I have the best memories of playing Battleship as a kid. One of my favourites is when I was on the boat as a kid and I sat on the back bench seat on our boat and my sister and our ‘adopted grandpa’ Ray (we had a lot of additional relatives we sort of adopted and adored) were on the bench seat at the back of Ray’s boat. It literally came down to the last shot and I won. I couldn’t believe it, ONE SHOT! A wonderful memory.

And now it’s back and has been updated for the new ‘techy’ generation. Now don’t fret, you can still get the original, but this is definitely worth checking out for us original version fans.

I am a game purist, I like the originals. I have a newer copy of Monopoly, but I cherish my family’s much-used and much-played board too, I’m sentimental, what can I say? 😉 This doesn’t take away from the pure game and adds some really neat features for the video game generation so who did I try it out with? None other than NonDad who is a PS3 addict and loves strategy games and sports!

I assembled the board while he finished up on the PS3,  and somehow managed to set up the stand-up displays backwards as you’ll see in the picture, and then happily hit the button to turn the game on.Battleship Live

Thankfully it talks you through using examples on how the game is played out as it is a little different from the original, plus, you can MOVE the ships now! Oh, and you can also send out a spy plane…very cool!

Each player takes their turn and can do several things including fire their cannon, move their ships or even take their submarine on a dive to a random space. These special moves are limited to being used twice only each, but are very cool and in addition to the diving also have a Tomahawk missile and a fly by option.

The game board itself if very cool! Everything is on sensor and it does indeed work. The game knows at all times where your pieces are and keeps track of the moves and who has used up their special moves or not. I really liked that it guides you along and the sound effects are great too. I had been invited to the official launch a month or so ago now and would have had the chance to play members of our Canadian Forces in the game…oh how I wish circumstances had been different so I could have made it…this game is far too much fun! Thank you so much Hasbro for sending me a copy for this review!

The game itself took us about an hour to play out and I had just as much fun as I remember as a kid. Oh, and I beat NonDad too, eeeeeee! I have to take these small victories, he typically wins when we play.

The game is available in-stores now and varies around the $30-$40 range with the holiday sales. The video gamers can get into it because it has the sensors and interactive aspects, but the purists (moi!) also love it because it maintains the tradition of the game.

Next up, a re-match with my sister and with my boating brother Daniel. I’m going to sink their Battleships!


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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’m a new follower on NB. thanks for stopping by my blog too. I’m also following you on twitter..

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