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Review: Let’s Rock Elmo!

Playskool Let's Rock Elmo

I am beyond fortunate enough to have received a Let’s Rock Elmo to review for holiday 2011!

Let me note, I LOVE ELMO!


So there’s my bias.

Now, onto the fun!

You remember the original Tickle Me Elmo? The more advanced (and so fun that I even have one!) Elmo TMX? Well this is the latest inception and wow, have Hasbro ever pulled out all the stops on Elmo.

He sings, he dances, and his head even has full movement with his mouth working too. It’s really like you’re watching him on tv. I don’t think my jaw returned to a closed position for 5 minutes when I first saw him in July.I cannot tell you how much I love when he sways his little hips and throws his head back to laugh.

Elmo comes with everything your little one needs to have their own concert including a microphone, tambourine and drum set. And yes, he plays with all three.  The bonus here is that your child can play along with Elmo and join his band. There are additional pieces you can buy that work with him, but for Christmas morning you will have enough with just Elmo for a fun play session. Best of all: he comes with batteries so the kids can play with him immediately…..or the adults….be honest, you know you want to try him out too ;).

I was impressed at how much movement Elmo has now and the way he tells you to join in and that there are 6 songs that go with him. The instruction booklet even comes with the lyrics so you and your munchkin (biological or not) can sing along.

What I enjoy is that the toy can be played with in a variety of ways by using combinations of instruments and songs for Elmo’s performances. You can play his drums, or he can, same with the mic and tambourine. I can already picture the many Elmo concerts that will be happening this holiday season!

His price varies with the sales that are on ($59+) but with the added animation that this version of him has and the versatility, I’m ok with the price.

This will DEFINITELY put a smile on the face of any munchkin. If you’re going to get him, don’t wait too long, I suspect that he will be slightly popular 😉


3 Responses

  1. Dashing out to buy one!

  2. What a cute Elmo toy!!

  3. Excellent review I would run out and get one too if I had a kid, maybe just for me anyways tee hee!

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