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Review: Tonka Race Along Chuck

Let's Race Chuck the TruckAnother fun animated toy for the holiday 2011 season is Tonka’s Race Along Chuck the Truck toy.

I met Chuck about 18 months ago and immediately fell for him for the little boys in my life. Boys, and in my case since my sister and I had a lot of guy friend s when we were little girls too, love playing with dump trucks. Who doesn’t remember Tonka? Well, they’ve evolved and now we have Chuck who is a red and yellow dump truck and even has his own tv show!

This particular piece of the Chuck family of toys plays games and drives around and the facial expressions are a riot! He comes with batteries too so again, no panicking when the kids open him up and he’s as simple as pushing on his head/lights to start him up.

He comes with 6 games to play with the kids:

1. Green Means Go

2. Tag Me

3. Circle Race

4. How Slow Can You Go?

5. Follow the Leader

6. Red Light, Green Light

For kids who are tentative on their feet and maybe need a little coaxing or fun practice this toy is ideal and really can become a ‘friend’ for them.

And that’s not all! Chuck has over 50 phrases and sounds and his reactions are random so the kids never know what fun is next which is nice. They can also use his dump bed and push and pull him so he’s pretty diverse.

Again, I like toys that will hold the kids interest for more than 5 minutes and with the variety of play options that Chuck has, this one gets my attention and is a ‘buy’ for me for the kids. He is rated for 3+ but I am taking him to visit my nephew and see how he does with him. Since he is now walking I think the games would be great for him to learn and work on his motor skills.


One Response

  1. This is something my son would love. In fact, he just saw the computer screen and said, “I want that!!” LOL.

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