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Review: My Little Pony Pinkie Pie

And now one specifically for the girls this Holiday 2011 season. Anybody else a My Little Pony fan? Do you remember them from your childhood? I do, and actually when I was cleaning a week or so ago I found my original ones and their combs for their tails and manes. They were so cute then and they’re still cute now!My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Hasbro

This one in particular has brought the franchise into the modern age as Pinkie Pie talks and walks and eats, and did I mention she’s utterly adorable?

The doll herself does come with batteries so she’ll work right out of the box when the munchkins open her up which is a bonus in my books. She comes with a bottle, a soother and a little dish and spoon so you can feed her and treat her like a real little one. And she even makes eating noises when you feed her, I love her.

On the levels of play field for Pinkie Pie we have another champ! She is as cuddly as any doll out there and her little outfit is adorable. Her legs move so she can sit or stand and when in standing mode the munchkin pushes her hand/hoof and she talks and, I love this, walks!

She has the sweetest little voice and asks to be fed and more.

Overall, with Pinkie you get a ‘baby’ doll and a My Little Pony who has multi-levels of play to ensure longevity.

LOVE her!


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