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Review: Simon Flash

The next in my ongoing series of reviews for Holiday 2011 is Hasbro’s Simon Flash.Hasbro Simon Flash

I am a big fan of games, whether they be board games, card games, or, in this case, electronic! I also love retro and I know I’m not the only one in that department either.

I try to pass on info to you, my beloved readers, that you can use to make wise choices when prepping for the holidays (and also to make navigating the stores a little easier) and a trip to the games section is always fun and appreciated.

My family didn’t have a cottage growing up and we didn’t do the big ski trips or stuff like that, we did have a few big trips but mostly we boated in the summers and when there’s no hydro (at least until we had the last boat and it had a generator) you find other ways to amuse yourself. We played card and board games. It rocked!

Hasbro has brought back the new edition of the classic Simon game with the flashing lights that you have to try to keep up with, but updated! In Simon Flash you have 4 cubes that light up and you press them or line them up in order the play one of the 4 styles of game that they are programmed for.

The games are Simon Shuffle (my personal fave), Simon Lights Off, Simon Secret Colour and of course, Simon Classic. It’s only a matter of pressing the colour indicated on the little card that comes with the game to tell the cubes which game you want to play.

NonDad and I tried it out, he was better than me at most of the games, but again, I excelled at ‘Shuffle’.

The game comes with a little case that the cubes go in and it’s compact so easy to take with you. It also doesn’t require a lot of space to play it, it would even work on a plane on the trays and put on a funky light show for the other passengers too I bet ;). (And yes, you can mute the cubes so as to not drive anyone nutty :))

The cubes come with batteries so it’s ready to go straight from the box and would make a fun distraction for all ages with the pairing of new and old.

Enjoy & happy shopping!!!


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  1. Flash games are so fun! They are very addictive!!

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