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Review: Lite Brite

Hasbro Lite Brite
That’s right, the pegs are back…and they’ve even been updated from when I was a kid.
The screen is a little smaller but the effect is the same, fun times with making designs that light up!

I was luckily sent one to review along with my other holiday 2011 reviews and I must say I was all giddy doing the fireworks design on Friday night.

It’s still Lite Brite as we remember, but the actual unit has been updated for the modern munchkins. You’ll notice the shape is reminiscent of a certain fruit company’s products and the tablet market in general. Also, having the button in the bottom centre reminds the kids, and us, of this. The lights come on (they’re LED too which is nice for battery life) and either stay on or flash. I liked the flash mode for my spiffy fireworks display ;).

Storing the pegs is easy too, there is a little tray at the base that opens when the toy is laid flat and closes when it is vertical for display. The fact that it has this on-board storage as well as that this version is battery powered (it takes 3-AA’s that do not come with it) makes it very portable too.

It comes with a bunch of pre-done designs as the old one did and they are honestly just as much fun to do. NonDad tried to help but I sort of scrunched up and made it hard so I could finish it LOL.

As a go-to toy for boys and girls, this is a definite win. I mean really, who doesn’t like seeing things light up?

The purity of the original toy that we grew up with is intact, and the fact that it now runs on batteries is awesome for taking to the cottage or to Gramma and Grampa’s etc. I would also tend to think that that makes it a little safer too, no little hands near plugs. Also important is that because the lights are LED, they not only don’t drain the batteries, but they also stay cool.

Happy shopping!!!


One Response

  1. Oh my goodness – I totally want one! I LOVED mine as a kid. I’m pretty sure I recently pinned one on Pinterest. I wonder if there’s any left at the store!

    And you should definitely try crocheting some snowflakes. This is the site I got all my ideas from – http://www.snowcatcher.net/search/label/free%20patterns

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