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Review: Easy Bake Oven!

Easy Bake OvenYes it’s back and it’s as wonderful as ever! The Easy Bake Oven that we all loved is now updated with a fresh look and feel but it still brings the same joy!

When I saw it in the summer at the Hasbro preview I was ecstatic as again, and I know I sound like a broken record, but I love retro and seeing the toys that I loved coming back and bringing smiles to the faces of the new generations.

I have been dying to try it out and finally got time to make up some of the adorable tiny little cookies that come with it. (Yes it does indeed come with a couple of mixes as well as the baking pan, cupcake insert & the paddle for putting the tray in and taking it out).

I remember playing with mine as a kid and this one I must admit, did bring back awesome memories.

The instructions are simple to follow and your little one really can feel like a chef with it. I’m picturing birthday parties where the kids make their own aprons and then bake already ;).

The fact that this is a toy that has an updated shape and is now convection (remember that the traditional light bulbs are being phased out?) and has a new look with the purpley-pink hues takes nothing away from the fun we know we had as kids. I know that several of my friends have been all over me to come over and bake with it already (I know girls, I need some time at home and then we’ll totally have a retro baking and games night 😉 ).

For the little baker in your life, this is a definite good purchase….now get out there and brave the stores…because you can bake yourself a wonderful and yummy reward when you’re done…just put it back in the box so it’ll look brand-new on the 25th, I won’t tell Santa if you don’t! 😉



3 Responses

  1. Hi Amy – I have to say that I’m disappointed at the new look. It is obviously a “girls only” toy, and I think that’s a shame. Many men are great in the kitchen, and I’d love to get my grandsons started early. However, getting boys to play with such a feminine-looking toy would take some doing!

    Hasbro missed the mark by not making this year’s version gender-equal. Baking is not just for girls & women any more.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, Amy.


  2. Ha! I’m glad it got a good review from you. We bought one of the old style ones for our youngest girl year before last and we baked a couple of things in it that tasted a bit like moist, sweetened cardboard.

    She’s asked for a new one. I’m taking your word for it!

  3. Loved it when I was a little girl and still love it! I have so many happy memories that I cherish and I think it’s where my love of cooking for my family began. I am going to buy one for my niece next year as she will be old enough to bake with it. I told her mom that I am the ONLY aunty allowed to buy the easy bake oven! I can hardly wait to bake with it again!

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