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Review & Great Idea For New Year’s: Monopoly Streets for Wii

In the past couple of years I’ve noticed that my hubby and I, and indeed a lot of our friends, are all going back to playing good old board games again. They were always so much fun, why we took a brief break I’ll never know, but the games seem to have forgiven us and welcomed us back with open arms and more fun than ever!
I was sent a copy of the new Monopoly Streets for the Wii (but it is available for other platforms, I happen to have a Wii) to review and NonDad and I popped it in the console and have pretty much been playing it every day. We’ve even managed to finish off the rechargeable battery pack on one remote so we’re temporarily back to batteries ;).
The graphics are great, so is the animation. You can play classic Monopoly or even modify the rules (and we all know different people have different ‘house rules’) to your familiar style.
One of the many things we like is the updates as you play. Mr. Monopoly pulls you to the centre of town every now and again and your net worth is updated by the growing or shrinking of a building with your token on top. Very cool.
The board itself is what it sounds like, a street! You walk around the board like walking around the block. And when you build houses and hotels, they reflect the value of the property. The ones on Marvin Gardens are my personal favourites.
When you play the games too you earn currency and can buy things like cool tokens (Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are there) and use your Mii’s if you’re on a Wii. You can also buy different boards, we just got Landmark City and it was very cool to buy London I must say.
You can use a speed die to play quicker games (and it does work, we tried it out) and set limits on worth so that the game doesn’t take hours…or you can leave them alone and indeed play for hours just like the board game.
You can play by yourself against the game or have up to 4 remotes connected.
We are very impressed, there are so many aspects and details that are done well and I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be playing this New Year’s Eve along with Trivial Pursuit and more.


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