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Review: Kashi’s New Line of Snacks

Kashi 7 Grain with Sea Salt Pita CrispsI was recently sent some of Kashi‘s new line of snacks (and the new cereal, but that’s a separate post) to try out and since we know now that I’m on a bit of a health kick (-25 on my scale and counting!), I said yes, of course I’d try them out! I need stuff I can snack on that’s healthy and fills me up and I was not disappointed.

I followed the portion sizes for my servings that were on the label, again, I’m trying to be conscious of every calorie I ingest so I’m watching my portion sizes, and while 7 of the pita crisps doesn’t look like much, I assure you, it was enough and I wasn’t craving anything else afterwards.

The pita crisps come in 2 flavours that I tried, Zesty Salsa, and it does have a bit of bite to it, and sea salt. I enjoyed both, but I admit I have been snacking more on the sea salt ones lately.

Their new crackers are also yummy, and again, 10 crackers may not seem like enough to stave off hunger, but it is! It’s gotta be all that good stuff and fibre! Who knew the scientists were right? LOL. I tried the fire roasted vegetable ones and the Asiago ones. They are both fantastic!

So if you’re looking for some healthy snacking alternatives, pair these with some fruit, veggies or even salsa for a yummy snack that will keep you filled up longer and help curb those cravings for stuff that just isn’t doing any of us any favours.

P.S. These work GREAT for that sporting event that is taking place this weekend. Snack without the guilt on Monday!

Happy Snacking!

Kashi Toasted Asiago Snack CrackersKashi Zesty Salsa Pita CrispsKashi Fire Roasted Vegetable Snack Crackers


4 Responses

  1. Good to know! I really like the taste of the Kashi granola bars, so am willing to try these pita crisps. I wonder how they would taste dipped in hummus!

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  3. Hi. I’m from the bloggy moms community. You have a really nice site. I’ll continue to follow.

  4. I’ll have to try those since I’m always looking for healthy snacks! I’m now following from the February blog hop. Feel free to follow back at http://www.dandygiveaway.com 🙂

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