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Family Day Weekend Ideas!

I realize I’m a NonMom, but that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish family time with NonDad and our kids, the furballs. Believe it or not but our cats actually do seem to enjoy time with the two of us, of course that could also go along with their plots to take over the house and when we’re in the same room it’s easier to keep an eye on us, but that’s beside the point, we do enjoy family time!

Coming up is the relatively new holiday in Ontario deemed ‘Family Day’ and there are activities taking place all over, but some of us like to spend time together in simpler ways like being at home and enjoying being comfy in our comfy clothes and watching movies or playing games.

NonDad and I are board game fans so I know I’ll be pulling out our favourites such as Monopoly (though we may play the Wii version again since we both loved it so much), Scrabble, Battleship Live (we love the recon jet!), Clue (We have both the classic and the uber-cool Harry Potter edition where you travel by Floo powder!) and maybe some good old Cribbage. We love card games, we even have a cribbage table, you use golf tees to move, it’s awesome. In fact, this past Sunday we spent several wonderful and relaxing hours playing Monopoly on the Wii. We now both have the Potato Head’s as our tokens, much laughter ensued.

Family time is important, we all need a break from the hectic every day and a check back to what really matters and who we are working for, us. Hubby and I work opposite schedules more often than not and sometimes it’s nice to just sit beside each other and chat. And I must say, since the switch over to digital we no longer have a tv working in the dining room so we do talk more and connect. It’s nice.

And who knows, we could get some ‘white stuff’ possibly showing up so it may be a perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy a taste of winter too.

Really, it’s all about taking a breather, spending time with loved ones and having some fun!



2 Responses

  1. You have no shortage of good plans. Enjoy your day off!

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