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Review: Star Wars Toys are back!

Star Wars Darth Maul Light Sabre HasbroDa da da, da da daa, da da daa! Stirring up any memories? No, it’s not the just the favourite ringtone of NonDad and most of his and my friends, it’s the imperial march from, you guessed it, one of my all-time faves: Star Wars!!

Before we get to the fun part, the new toys (which are soooo cool!), a little background on why this post excited me so much.

My sister and I are HUGE Star Wars fans, the original three are the ones we grew up with and are still my favourites to this day. I remember going to see Return of the Jedi with my dad and her at the mall theater back in ’83 in fact. We also I think drove our mom nuts when we watched ‘A New Hope’ on a daily basis for like 6 months. No, I’m not kidding. We knew every line by heart and I still know about 95% of it. I was actually royally miffed at the editing in the ‘new’ versions when they came out and it cut my favourite line at the Cantina when Han shoots Greedo.

So, moving on from my mini Geek-out, the movies are being re-released again, this time in 3D for a whole new generation to enjoy and with that comes the new line of toys and I was sent a sample of them to try out for you, my readers! As a cute side note, when the box arrived and I told NonDad he couldn’t open it until I got home. I think he pouted for about 2 hours and then his face lit up like a kid when he saw item number 1: The Darth Maul Double Light Sabre.

Yes, even I admit that when I first saw this one in theaters (when I was in high school, ugh, now I feel OLD LOL) it made my jaw drop and Darth Maul scared the youknowhat out of me. It was awesome on-screen, it’ll be even moreso in 3D, and now you can own it. The ‘blades’, which are collapsible plastic, when fully extended reach to over 1.5m so be sure to play where you have room, and if you are tight for space, you can open one blade at a time with the buttons in the middle of the toy. The fact that they are not rigid also make them a lot less ‘ouchy’ when play gets ‘enthusiastic’. NonDad has of course been receiving notes on his Facebook page about friends coming by to ‘liberate’ it from us, but so far we still have it. 😉 They retail for about $30 CDN, but they are on-sale this week if you poke around a bit. See the grin on my face in the pic? Yeah, that’ll be the last time I get to play with it since NonDad has indeed claimed it LOL.

And we also have the newest installment of action figures that go along with the movies. We received Darth Vader and a Clone Trooper so a mix of original and new movie characters. Both have movement features and are incredibly detailed. The designers definitely didn’t skimp on the finer points of Vader’s suit or the helmets. They are priced in the $10 range and that’s pretty much in-line with the other action figures of this quality I’ve seen. Note that they have been seen on sale this week for 50% off if you search the ads ;).

Star Wars Clone Trooper HasbroStar Wars Darth Vader Hasbro

Fellow Geeks please note that they are in the original packaging in the above pictures. I can’t guarantee they are still, but I figured this would make everyone stay calmer ;).

Can we tell NonMom is having far too much fun with this post? 😉

So, if you’re a Star Wars fan like in my household, or you have any special munchkins who you are wondering what to get for them for birthdays or even for Family Day fun this weekend, check out the new line and have them act out their favourite parts…and since I know an awful lot of Non’s in my age group and older will be all antsy to play too, feel free to join in! They also make great Valentine’s Day presents for the geek in your life ;).

May the Force be With You, Always.


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