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Thankful Thursday

Yes, I’m determined to keep doing these posts. They really do help us keep a positive perspective and I need that. It is far too easy to dwell on the negative and I don’t want to do that anymore.

So here we go with this week’s installment:

1. I am thankful there is more work for my hubby this week. Whew!

2. I am thankful to my wonderful neighbour for giving me a much-needed and well-timed ‘kick’ in the fall which has resulted in me being down almost 28 lbs now! She is a gem and I cherish her friendship and support. By the way, she looks flippin’ awesome too!

3. I am thankful for my networking group and its members. They are such a great support and sounding board and really help me focus on my skills. Yes, I do have skills, lots of them. 😉

4. A  big one: I am extremely thankful for my friend Laural. She has no idea how she influences me in such positive ways but she has and does and every time I see her I feel inspired. 🙂 I am so thankful she emailed me about Social Media Week and that we could both get time to go to a seminar together. Big hugs & lattes again soon!

5. I am thankful that both Laural’s and my hubby’s are so patient with us that they are cool with the way we both (well, I assume she does too) get so hyper when we’re going to hang out and then of course they get to deal with us afterwards LOL. Good job boys!

Ok, a shorter installment this week, but very important nonetheless!

What are you thankful for this week?


One Response

  1. awww! i made it into Thankful Thursday! That’s awesome 🙂
    And, I’m thankful for you to. I’m thankful that we had fun, that you didn’t blink an eye over the $7 latte (OMG), that you stuck around past the 5pm cut off …
    We should do it more often, my dear.

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