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NonMom Notes

I’m trying a new feature, NonMom Notes, to write about what I’m thinking about, what I’m into and what’s going on from my perspective but in tidbit form.

I’m hoping to put things like projects I’m working on, updates and fun stuff here and keep you all in the loop and get your input. I’m a talker, so let’s talk!

Without further delay, here we go!

What I’m Working On

A set of bibs for a friend’s daughter who is about to give birth to her son like at any minute. I’m mad-scrambling to get them done but wasn’t allowed to pick up a hook after my car accident so I begged my Dr., she rocks, and after promising to take many breaks and keep stretching and sit properly, she gave me to go-ahead. Woo hoo! Being separated from crocheting was almost as bad as the whole ordeal LOL.

I’m also working on getting my house organized and neat. Again, I can’t do any heavy lifting or anything at the moment, but I did get NonDad to help me on the weekend and he vacuumed for me and helped me set up a few things. The house has been an on-going thing for far too long so I’m determined to get it back to its former glory. When I get some serious progress made I’ll post pics.

What’s on my mind?

So many things that my sleeping is back to being off again. Thank goodness, with the help of their twitter account, I was able to track down and get another jar of the only thing that will consistently get me to sleep, Badger Balm, which is helping but I’m still waking up far too early for my schedule. It’ll get better.

Why am I having trouble sleeping again? The usual and all too common stress items of bills, bills, bills. This month is property tax month and while I LOVE where I live, we really do pay a premium to live there. It’s manageable, but man, is it every close to not being so. We’ve cut down the bills again to the minimum but really, nothing else big better come up. UGH!!!!!!!!!! And we’re two people with two cats, I can only imagine and send hugs to all of you with kids and grandkids. You get gold stars from me!

This winter has been utterly fabulous. I know, global warming, but honestly, being able to wear my favourite high heels on my birthday in January because there was no snow was an utter delight.

Just when I was getting ready to tweet about the steady disintegration of highway 410, southbound, left lane, edge (gee, can you tell I drive it a lot? LOL), I notice that a stealthy road crew must have been reading my mind as the holes seem to be filling themselves in. Hmmmm. 😉 I wonder if I start planning tweets that comment on how much I want to meet/tweet with the cast of Burn Notice will someone read my mind and make that happen too? *HINT HINT* A mystery.

What I’m Proud Of

I am down over 25 lbs and the fact that I can wear a lot of my favourite clothes (I buy classic so thank goodness it’s all still mostly in style) is awesome! My self-esteem is rising steadily and I have plans for a special reward when I get to my goal. Hint, it’s blue, flowy and very very British. 😉

Fun Stuff

If you follow me on Twitter or know me on Facebook you will likely have seen how excited I was that I got my VCR hooked up again. Yes, me, techno-loving-can’t-live-without-her-beloved-Blackberry-girl was like a kid again putting in the cassettes and watching such favourites as ‘George of the Jungle‘ (who doesn’t enjoy Brendan Fraser in that one?) and a couple of my Disney movies including Robin Hood (Oooda-lally!) and The Emperor’s New Groove (Beware the Groove!!!!). Next up: Sixteen Candles. Oh yeah, Jake Ryan. Mmmm.

I am aware that if the VCR ever dies I’m screwed, however, I have 2 and they both work so I will ration them as I am so not looking forward to re-buying 300+ movies.

What are you up to? What’s new? Exciting? Let’s chat!


One Response

  1. Hey!
    25 lbs is amazing!!! I just sent you an email 🙂
    What’s a VCR????
    And i want to come over and watch Sixteen Candles. Seriously. I’ll bring the popcorn!

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