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Review: Glade Expressions Scents for the Home

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser BambooI was ‘sent some scents’ (tee hee!) recently to try out from Glade. They came in two styles, an oil diffuser and a spray and different scents including apple and spice and pineapple and mangosteen.

We have cats, two of them, and sometimes I avoid the basement because of them. Trying out the new Glade scents therefore appealed to me. Plus, there is something about walking into a space and being greeted with a pleasant scent, it makes the place seem warmer, cleaner and more homey.

I love fresh scents, always have, and there is something about the smell of fresh laundry that just totally relaxes me, perhaps it’s the ‘Martha’ in me but I do love it. One of the sprays is Cotton and Italian Mandarin and it does indeed give off that feeling. I know my neighbour will love it, she is all about fresh scents and always seems to find the best ones too, I’ll have to take this over to her to try out! I know she’ll get hooked.Glade Cotton Italian Mandarin

The sprays now come in a dispenser that can be re-used with the new bottles and looks similar to a lily or tulip in design so it doesn’t stand out. And it’s easy to use, I tried it and succeeded so I know you can too! And the diffuser is also designed to blend in with your decor. It comes in a woodgrain or white design and I have it sitting on my oak wall unit and it blends in perfectly! I have the Pineapple and Mangosteen scent in there at the moment and every time I walk in the house I smell it, not overpowering, but enough, and it’s so light and cheery! These also come in Lavender and Juniper Berry which will make sleeping ideal for me! Again, simple to use and set-up, you simply pop the card into the top of the oil and it’s good for 30 days +! If it’s complicated or I have to watch it I tend to not use it, this makes maintenance a breeze, another fun pun, sorry, couldn’t resist! ***UPDATE: NonMom forgot to note that in refill form, you can also get the Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice scent for the oil. ***

Glade Lavendar Juniper BerryThey are all on-sale at the moment at Wal-Mart Canada (at least I saw them on the weekend and they were) and are worth checking out. We all get sick of the dreary days that this time of year brings and lack of fresh air in the house so these are a great substitute and really brighten you up!



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