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NonMom Notes

My second installment of this new feature!

What I’m working on

I JUST finished the bibs for our friend who has still not gone into labour but I expect a call literally any minute. I can hardly wait to meet little AJ.

As for the house, not a whole lot of progress on this front as I’m still not lifting anything, but it’s staying relatively neat and that’s a great thing!

Trying to find time to read the books I have on backlog on my Kobo. I bought a few over the past month or two and with everything going on have fallen behind on my reading. Quality time with said Kobo is on-tap asap.

What’s on my mind

Well, it’s that time of year again, property taxes. How to finagle this payment worked out ok but I am starting planning  now for the next 3 so I don’t end up panicking. If I plan I know it’ll be ok. I’ve done it before and that worked really well actually. The joys of growing up and owning a home!

Growing this blog. After getting inspired last week at Social Media Week I have now started the NonMom Google+ page. If you search it will show up but I’m still working on it so be kind! I do look very much forward to interacting there with you all too!

What I’m proud of

This blog. Maybe it’s the fact that winter has relatively passed us by, but I am so energized and as a result there have been more posts and I’m finding I’m getting into a groove with my writing and posting. What do you think? Am I doing ok?

This week the scale said my new total is -29.1 lbs. I am OVER THE MOON! I’ve been wearing cute dresses (thank you Laural!!!!) and my adored but not worn in ages favourite heels to celebrate. I even did my nails last night. Pink! I can now look at the past couple of years and see that I really was putting in very little effort into myself, that has changed. I feel better, I know I look better and I’m going to keep it up. This goes along with my personal campaign to invest in myself and my betterment. I am the girl who always puts herself last, but no more, I have needs too and it’s Amy-time! :). Celebrations once my goal is reached will include the purchase of a certain blue dress. Or a reasonable facsimile of it. I’m flexible.

Fun Stuff

This weekend I’m going to go check out one of the Beyblade tournaments happening at Toys R Us (they’re at stores all over). I am really looking forward to seeing how this all works. For us non-parents I will explain what these are, and for the parents, I will check out what the latest and greatest info is and share it with you all.

That’s all for now! What are your plans this weekend?



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