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Review: Seattle’s Best Coffee

I love my coffee in general and I do have a few special ones I like to have on occasion, but there are times when the line-ups get to me and I go check out other kinds. I was approached to do a review on Seattle’s Best Coffee and I know of them from the US where I know NonDad has had some and again, I love coffee, so I said sure, I’d try it out!

Seattle’s Best have five different blends that go along with this and NonDad and I decided in order to be fair, to try them out, all of them, in order. So we did. Not all at once, I would have been on the ceiling, but we took a week and tried them out instead.

My personal favourites were 1, 3 and 5, and NonDad was into 3 and 5 but would probably drink any of them. I like a mild coffee, but I also like a rich coffee., am I coffee-polar? Perhaps. That’s probably why I loved 1 and 5 so much. 1 was nice and light and 5 was rich and full and I could actually taste the roasting and it was really nice! 3 was in the middle in all ways and that’s why I liked that one too.

If that sounds confusing, it’s not meant to. It really is a progression as you move up towards blend 5. I really enjoy when I can taste the roasting and I really can with these.

Seattle’s Best Coffee and Mac’s Convenience Stores have teamed up to help Ontarians save time and money this winter. Until March 25, you can pick up any size Seattle’s Best Coffee for only $1 (plus tax) at your local Mac’s store. The offer also extends to their hot beverage selection, including Tazo® tea, hot chocolate and cappuccino.

That definitely fits in my budget, and there’s two stores within about 4 minutes of my house so I know I’ll be heading over.

Give it a try, I was surprised and impressed. And I’m craving blend 1 right now ;).


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