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Beyblade: The Event!

Hasbro BeybladeThis is my third attempt at getting this post to go live, apparently WordPress and I are having a ‘tiff’. Argh!

A couple of weeks ago now I was lucky enough to go check out a Beyblade tournament at my local Toys R Us and wow, was it ever not what I expected: it was so much more, and very very cool!

I have seen the ads for Beyblade on TV and saw our friends’ kids getting ready to play with their sets as recently as New Year’s Eve, but I honestly did not know very much about them.

Then I was sent some to try out and after going to the tournament and being taught by some of the competitors, and staff of the store, how to do it I got home and immediately tore into the packaging and started texting NonDad to hurry up and get home so we could play.

Now I get it and I’m happy to share this with my fellow non-parents as well as those who have munchkins but are not quite sure how this works.

It’s quite the thing. There is a lot of strategy involved and it’s surprisingly high-tech too. I had no idea when I walked into the store what to expect but I admit I am now a fan despite losing to NonDad when he got home. I still say he cheated sine he’s got stronger arms than me. Note to self: work on arms this week ;).

Beyblade HandbookSo, what is Beyblade? It’s a game where you use spinning tops, called ‘performance tops’  that you launch with essentially a plastic ripcord into a ‘stadium’ where the losing top falls first. Sounds simple? It’s so much more than that!

As I said above, these are high-performance tops. Each one has different attributes that make them stable, long spinning, aggressive or even, with a special tornado one that we tried out, able to take on angular attacks. They are seriously very cool. The designs vary, some come with decals too for personalization, and if you look at the tips on the bottom they change according to what style of attack the top is designed for. Like I said, this is high-tech. You can also get special launchers for them that are designed for precision deployment and positioning.

Another thing I didn’t know until I went to the event was that this is really a worldwide phenomenon. There is actually a world championship tournament happening in Toronto at the end of the month too!

Hasbro Beyblade

What do I like about this toy? I love that while the tops etc. are all high-tech, really, they’re an evolution of the classic spinning top toy. I love when the old can still be fun for kids. I’m a big retro toy fan as it is so that aspect really appealed to me. I also like that the kids can customize them and make them their own and that there is actually a lot of thinking and planning of effective strategies involved. Games that make kids think get bonus points in my books. Developing skills like being able to strategize are very important and I love it when it’s disguised as fun much like hiding veggies in other foods to get kids to eat them ;).

The prices vary, and obviously as the features grow the price goes up but the stadiums range around $11 CDN and the tops around the same for a single so it’s in my price range.

So now you know what Beyblading is all about. And if you’re wondering about the little girls in your life and how they can play this game too, not to worry, Hasbro must have been reading my tweets with my friend Laural when we were debating glittering a couple and playing (we figured her son’s facial expression when he saw our girly’d tops would be priceless), not to worry, I have a post coming on another version soon so stay tuned!



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