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NonMom Notes

I know these posts were my ‘Friday’ thing but I’m thinking Mondays are more manageable at the moment. Fun with alliteration 😉

What I’m Proud Of

This week I’m definitely proud of myself for my determination. I have kept up with working out and even upped it a little over the weekend so progress is definitely being made. I know I used to love working out, back when I was in my 20’s, but for some reason I had convinced myself I didn’t like it. Boy was I wrong. I actually feel guilty now if I don’t jump on that step and start stepping away. And it’s paying off, so I’m proud of that too. Please don’t think this has been easy or is easy, it’s not, but am I happy and motivated? You betcha! And is it worth it? Abso-flippin-lutely! If you’re on that fence, jump over it, I haven’t felt so good in years and I am loving every moment!

I’m also proud of my parents. I need to note that. They have worked very hard for everything that they have received and are finally enjoying it all. I talked to them on the weekend, they were with my Uncle (well, parents friend but we call him Uncle and I adore him) at yet another car auction. Dad has far too much fun at them. When I talked to them though both mom and dad were positively giddy and their smiles radiated through the phone to me. I really am so proud of them and happy that they are having fun.

What I’m Up To

Well, last week was a little bit more relaxed, with the exception of Project #NateLuv that is, which as you know I’m beyond proud of. I really don’t think Seth knows how grateful to him I am for letting me live my social media dream by helping him, but I digress. 🙂 Hugs to him!

I’m gearing up for my trip to see my parents in Florida and while it is a solo trip as hubby has to work and take care of the furballs, I am beyond looking forward to it.  I’m trying to get organized for the trip, get all the bills pre-paid, see if I have any clothes I can take with me (I actually HAVE TO hit the stores when I land) and try not to miss my hubby too much. I’ve even arranged to have a cell phone while I’m there so I can call him all I want/need. He may not end up liking that feature but I sure will! Last year when I went down I was pretty much sans cell and it about did me in. This year I will be able to tweet, text and call. I’ll see about data.

I’m also getting ready to tackle my gardens. This weather is so inspiring and I can see the buds coming out on my plants already. The only thing holding me back is the fact that yard waste pick-up doesn’t start for a couple more weeks and I have no place to store the bags at the moment. I may still put the bag of topsoil on the one bed though. We’ll see how ambitious I feel.

What’s On My Mind

As is typical of me, lots of things are on my mind. That is probably part of the reason that I don’t sleep as much as I should, but I’m working on that.

Florida really is on my mind. I get to see my parents, I get to take the golf cart out, which I LOVE and I get to see my parents friends too. There is this couple that my parents met when they first started going to Florida probably 10 years ago now (at least, it may be more, I’ve lost track) Dick and Dorothy. They lived across the street from my parents and they took to my family and I instantly, and it was mutual. They are the sweetest people in the world! I adore them. Well, I missed a few years seeing them because financially it wasn’t possible for me to get down there (I’m honest, it really was financial) but got to see them last March and, after talking to my mom on the weekend, I get to see them when I get down in about a week for a dinner out. I am so excited!!! My parents meet the nicest people when they’re there and they’ve almost become extended family as a result. My sister and I are famous/infamous for ‘adopting’ our parents friends as Aunts and Uncles. They definitely qualify.

Fun Stuff

This one sort of fits into the ‘proud of’ category, but it was also rather amusing to see the look on my face so it’s going here. On the weekend I spent 2 days trying everything I could to clear the sink in the master bathroom (that’s right, I do indeed do my own stunts!) and finally last evening when I was pretty much at my wit’s end and seriously debating calling a plumber, I poured a full boiling kettle down the sink and all of a sudden ‘whoosh’ it cleared! Sink 0. Me 1. Take that sink! *Fist Pump*

Along with my ‘retro-sizing’ as I’m terming it, my ‘girly’ side has returned much to the amusement of my hubby (he still doesn’t understand why handbags are so important, same with shoes). My friend @LauralDawn I think has noticed too because we had far too much fun on twitter on the weekend planning our tiaras and pink feather boas. If you followed the tweets at all you were probably giggling as much as we were. Sometimes in life you just have to have some fun. I haven’t laughed as much as I have in the last week and a half in a long-time and I highly recommend it to everyone.

My favourite sport to watch/follow has now returned for the 2012 season, Formula One. Yes, I may love my girly stuff but I am a serious F1 fan. In fact I met NonDad at the track (racing, not the other kind LOL) when he was crewing for a team and I was helping on the organizational side. He had a raincoat and was relatively dry, I was drenched. So this weekend saw F1 return in Australia and I jumped up and down ecstatic at the result, Button won!!!! I like him. And Kimi Raikkonen. And Alonso. Not Vettel, I do not enjoy Vettel. I tried, it didn’t work for me. LOL. So I now have to plan my sleep schedules around races again (yes I’m one of those people who will stay up til 4am to watch a race) though I did watch the re-air this past weekend as I really was wiped.

So that’s me at the moment. How are you all doing? I hope as wonderful as this early spring weather!


4 Responses

  1. Enjoy your Florida get-away! Spring fever is hitting Iowa too!

    • Thanks Sara! I can hardly wait! It’s been a full year since I’ve had a real break, I need it. 🙂

  2. I wish spring fever was hitting our area of the world! LOL. It should come soon though…hopefully. I’m determined to successfully grow something this year and I’m anxious to start trying!
    Thanks for visiting my blog…I love yours!

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