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Cruising for families minus the kids!

Below is my very first guest post that comes from Dean Barreca, The Cruise Expert of the Travel Network. Dean knows more about cruising and is more passionate about it than anyone I’ve ever met, and he’s incredibly professional and happy to work with anyone and everyone to plan your dream trip, cruise or otherwise.

Keeping with the theme of my blog, this piece is for us Non-Parents, but Dean does indeed also have a massive amount of experience with parents and kids too!


Today, there are many families who choose not to have kids or are not able to.  Their kids tend to be their dogs, cats, birds and other interesting species.   What are the best cruises for these fun people?

Any cruise would be good but let me point out two that really focus on the couple.  The first one is Windstar cruises.  Windstar is a small ship cruise line.  They have three powered sail boats  that can accommodate up to 300 hundred passengers.  This is a very casual relaxed type of cruising.  No formal wear and pretty much a country club setting.   No big Vegas style shows at night  here either.  Guests  may attend  a nightly cocktail hour (drinks are a la carte) featuring the ship’s host and hostess, who give the scoop on the next ports of call, or food-related extravaganzas coming up.  Cabins are mainly ocean view with a port hole but each ship has a couple of suites for those who need more space.  Windstar mainly sails to the Caribbean, Costa Rica in Winter and the Med during the summer months.  Great for  honeymooners, or couples celebrating their anniversary’s or perhaps the desire for an intimate vacation.   Pricing is premium but many times they have specials going so you might find a great deal for a unique vacation with a more laid back atmosphere.  Many couples take advantage of their scuba program and wide range of complimentary water sports.  A possible downside is for those who are extremely sensitive to motion.  Since these sailboats are small in nature, you may feel the ocean swells as you cruise.

A second great option for those who prefer something bigger but still want to keep it couple adult focused is Oceania cruise lines.  You find the average age above 50 but couples 30 and over would feel fine.  Oceania also has a small fleet of four ships.  They just launched two purpose built ships carry up to 1,200 passengers.  Large enough for those who need space but not too large that you feel lost everywhere you go.  Every stateroom is oceanview or balcony and averages 270 square ft which is very comfortable at sea.  Dress code is also country club casual so leave your tux and formal wear at home.   The big draw at Oceania is their culinary focus.  They are known to have the best food at sea.  Their renowned chef, Jacques Pepin puts together a menu that is to die for.    They  also feature a 5 star Spa experience at  Sea managed by Canyon Ranch so be prepared to be pampered.

Oceania unlike the mass market cruise lines offers plenty of port time and over nights so you are never feeling rushed when in port.  Their itineraries take you to unique ports and they start at 10 nights on up.  Oceania is a little weak on the entertainment side.   Again, don’t expect the large Vegas style shows but they do offer smaller more intimate types of entertainment.

To learn more contact Dean at 1-888-666-8747 ext. 352 or on the web: www.TheCruiseExpert.ca


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