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NonMom Notes

What I’m Proud of

This past week I am proud of the fact that I stayed home on the weekend and worked my butt off to get the house in order before I go away so I have less to do when I get back. There is nothing worse than coming home to a lot of work after trying to relax and I’m determined that this time that isn’t happening. I got so much done and I really am proud of it.

What I’m Up To

What am I not up to? LOL I just started a fun component to my Project #NateLuv, a blog, and I’m really looking forward to posting and working on it. Here’s the link in case you want to see it: Black Ops Bear.

I’m really looking forward to the temporarily (we hope!) renamed #GSMC (Global Social Media Chat) with the gals from the on-hold #LYMChat I have been participating in for several months. Check it out Tuesday night at 9PM on Twitter (Toronto time). This week’s topic is getting out of twitter/social media ruts and re-inventing for growth. I’ll be there!

What’s On My Mind

Again, my mind is swimming and I haven’t been sleeping again as a result. Hey, I’m honest, this is me and I really am living this. I write honestly and there are times when stress does indeed play a larger than I’d like role in my life. I’ve been working on this steadily the past couple of years but I still have days, everyone does, and we’re entitled to them in my opinion. I’m going to look toward tomorrow and smile about that instead of today.

Fun Stuff

This past weekend was NonDad’s and my 5 year ‘Cat-iversary’. Yes, Spot and Smudge adopted us 5 years ago and I really can’t remember what life was like before them… although I have vague recollections of it being quieter at times, good lord they sound like horses when they race up and down the stairs LOL. I’ll never forget when we walked in to that shelter and baby Smudgie leapt up and meowed at us. He had chosen us and wasn’t leaving without his brother so they both came home with us and assumed control immediately :).

How was your weekend? What’s new with you?


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