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Nonmom Notes

Yes indeed it is Monday and I must say, I’m not terribly upset that it is. Why? Because today is a good day! The sun is shining, the traffic was light and I get to blog to all of you!

This week’s installment of Nonmom notes begins…..NOW!

What I’m Proud of

This week I’m proud of my independence and the fact that I have not let that go. What do I mean by that? Well, all through my 20’s I was independent,  I travelled Europe, sometimes completely by myself too, and was never intimidated by it. I knew I could do it and I didn’t like depending on anyone so I just went ahead and did it. When I fell into the relationship with my now hubby I began to let a bit of that go and I didn’t like that, that’s not me. So last week I reclaimed some of that and got myself to Miami and back. Ok, so I screwed up the directions, both ways, but I made it and I’m very proud of that. Go me!

What I’m Up To

This week is going to be my ‘catch up’ week. I have blogging to catch up on, blogs to ‘hop’ to and the adventures of Black Ops Bear to finish up. I’m actually really proud of that blog and that bear. His Seth Peterson adventure may conclude, but he will still pop up places and endeavour to help others.

I also have more sorting to do of clothes. I did get a few pieces when I was in the US, I love Florida shopping, but now I need to find places to put them and that means letting go of stuff that is now too big on me. I donate my stuff, I keep it in good condition and if it can help someone else, I do it.

What’s On My Mind

‘Tis the season for taxes! Oh yes, everyone’s favourite time of year, look for my review on Turbo Tax this week. It’ll definitely take some of the pain away!

I’m also thinking about the summer schedule for hubby and I and perhaps getting the master bathroom painted in the next few weeks. I strongly suspect this will come down to me but I will need him for hanging the new mirror I’m going to buy (adding that to my to-do list now) and his friend to help with a new light fixture. I’m not a fan of the ones the builders install oddly enough. I’ve waited 10 years May 1st so I think I’m due for some upgrades and I can never get over the difference a simple coat of paint does to a room.

Then I’ll see how ambitious I feel as to whether I hire students or do it myself and paint the living room.I may concede and get someone to do it. We’ll see. I am pretty stubborn.

Fun Stuff

My shoes!!!!! I had a total Penny moment (from Big Bang Theory) last week when I was shopping with my mom. I found these adorable blue suede-ish heels and fell in love with them. Then I looked closer and noticed they were on sale…and then realized I got an additional 20% off. Well, how could I NOT bring them home with me. They were practically begging me to come to Ontario so I gave in and happily brought them home.

Ok, they’re a bit high, but I don’t care, when I saw my feet in the mirror with them on it was love at first sight. It’s amazing what a pair of shoes can do to brighten the day isn’t it?

What have you been up to this week? What’s new?


One Response

  1. I love your attitude towards Monday! 🙂 Being gifted with another day is a gift, no matter which day it falls on.

    I have some super shoe envy over your gorgeous shoes!

    New for the Ortiz house this week is Operation Potty-Training. It is….well, Baby Eli will get it no time, I’m sure. He is being very patient with mama and daddy as we try to figure out how to do this whole potty-training business. 🙂

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