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Review: Turbo Tax

Turbo TaxI admit it, I’m the person who leaves her taxes to the last minute but when I was approached to try out the online filing system, Turbo Tax by Intuit, I thought why not, this could be right up my alley.

And best of all, the computer screen can’t see the mess of receipts and such that I have. 😉

It’s a fairly simple process which is good for people like me who are VERY intimidated by the whole thing. You simply select which type of filing you are going to make, for me it’s self-employed, and then it will take you into a customized version of the software for your unique needs.

The steps are simple to follow and very user-friendly. You can even mark things with flags like the stick-em ones and come back once you find/have the info handy that you need. I like that feature in particular because every time I feel I’m organized, I’m usually not so being able to come back to parts makes my life infinitely easier.

You don’t pay until you file and depending upon which profile you fit the cost varies, but for a simple return it’s as low as $17.99 per return. Not bad!

And best of all, since you’re e-filing, your refund (if you’re eligible) tends to come quicker. Of course if you file early you also get it quicker, but it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t rushing LOL.

It’s secure, believe me I check that stuff when it’s finance, and is guaranteed too which I like.

Even the icons are simple to understand and they break it down into a step-by-step process so you can save and come back later and not lose your spot.

Overall I found this very easy to use, simple and when I needed help I clicked for it and it’s right there. Even explanations are available for everything and you can even import your T4 into the software!

And did I mention they have an app for the iPhone that even scans your T4 in? Yeah, they’re thinking of everything to make your taxes easier to deal with.

Seriously, anything that makes this hectic and scary time of year easier is a good thing in my books.

Try it out!


One Response

  1. I’ll have to forward this to my husband. We’ve always used our “tax guy” but we’re both getting tired of paying “tax guy”‘s high cost. Thanks for the post!

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