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Review: The Avengers Toys by Hasbro

Apparently there’s a tiny film coming out, it’s already out in Europe actually, called ‘The Avengers’. 😉 Teasing of course! I know I had to close my jaw when I saw the massive poster in downtown Toronto at Front and Spadina of one Robert Downey Jr., yeah, I enjoy him. 😉

I was lucky enough to be sent some of the amazing toys that accompany the movie and they really are very cool and sure to have your little superhero (or full-grown one) smiling from ear to ear.

There are lots of options for play and the level of detail really is quite Marvel Hasbro The Avengers Figuresimpressive too. The first that I got to check out (and several friends are chomping at the bit to get their hands on I assure you) are the 3.75 inch action figures. They retail for approximately $9.99 each and each is highly detailed and all have a different action they perform too for added fun during play time. They are in their updated costumes as well and based on price and detail, a set would make an ideal gift for any young superheroes in training.

Next up we have the larger action figures which retail for approximately Marvel The Avengers Hasbro Thor$24.99 each. These figures are 10-inches tall and again, incredibly detailed. They really do bring the characters out of the pages of the comics and into your munchkins hands. They feature electronic sounds and phrases unlike the smaller ones, as well as an action that they do for more fun and more interactive play. Batteries are included!

Now we get into the role-playing fun for the young and young at heart (because I happen to know SEVERAL friends who I have no doubt are all over this). Hasbro has brought out the Hulk Gamma Green Smash Fists which can let your favourite little Hulk impersonators ‘be the Hulk’. And don’t worry, they’re foam so very soft, but they look really tough!

Marvel The Avengers Hasbro HulkAnd there’s more! There are also masks that go along with making your little superhero’s look complete. I got to try out the Captain America one and it is soft rubber, nothing sharp, and has a velcro strap to make it easy for the kids to put on too. You can also get some of the tools of the trade as it were including the incredibly cool Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor!

Marvel The Avengers Hasbro Captain AmericaMarvel The Avengers Hasbro Iron Man

The masks retail for approximately $10.99 each and the Repulsor for $22.99. The Repulsor also comes with launching missiles, lights and cool sound effects but you will need to grab some batteries for it.

All of these combine to let your child really be their favourite character which helps with imagination and creativity and I enjoy that. I used to love playing dress-up as a kid and even used to make little plays as my favourite characters, it’s nice to see that continuing.

Hasbro and Marvel have done a phenomenal job on re-creating the images that the kids are seeing on the screen which is key since the kids ‘know’ their characters right down the smallest detail. And the gear that helps them ‘be’ their favourite superhero is also really well done. They get the main components with it all, but can still add their own twist to it for potential Halloween costumes down the road. I anticipate a lot of Avengers coming to my door this fall ;).


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  1. These toys are great! They would provide entertainment for as young as my 2 year old up through my 11 year old brother-in-law….All right, let’s be perfectly honest, I would totally play with them too. 🙂

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