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Nonmom Notes

Nonmom took a little break, sort of, from her computer over the weekend and decided to focus on the house and getting it spiffed up a bit more, but she’s back now and ready to start another great week!

What I’m Proud Of

I am beyond proud of myself for my determination, focus and ‘still going’ drive to get the house in order. For too many years now my house has been the ‘depot’ for all things and I have finally reached my limit and am clearing it out. I am tired of tripping on ‘stuff’ and not being able to relax (yes I’m one of those people who cannot relax in chaos). I can handle some clutter yes, but I need a couple areas to stay neat and be my little oasis’. I am proud of getting the windows and mirrors done, the dusting up-to-date, the vacuuming of the main floor and upstairs (the basement is NonDad’s domain) done, more clothes and ‘stuff’ out for donations and even having a little bit of time to finally do a craft project I’ve been wanting to do since April. I also got new towels etc. for the two upstairs bathrooms and they look awesome! So there, I’m really uber-proud of my hard work :).

What I’m Up To

Well, as the above implies, I’m in spring cleaning mode…still. I’m also in home project mode. After visiting some friends earlier in the year I got the bug to update our home. I’m on an admittedly tight budget, but there are still plenty of things I can do that will make a huge impact. I’m currently shopping around for 2 mirrors to change the ones in the upstairs bathrooms as well as new lighting fixtures for all 3 bathrooms (I know, 3 bathrooms in a small townhouse is kinda silly, but we actually use all of them LOL). I’m also going to be doing some painting, hubby lives in fear of when I do this as it usually results in some sort of stupid injury inflicted upon myself because I should have waited for him and I didn’t. I think I’m going to tackle the master bath this weekend. I found my painter’s tape, I may start taping off tonight. Eeeeeeee!!!!

What’s On My Mind

Balance. Finding it and keeping it. I think I burnt myself out a little bit on social media in the past couple of weeks, you know you have a problem when you start wearing your Bluetooth while cleaning just so you won’t miss any calls, and I needed and took a bit of a break on the weekend. I needed to re-focus, and actually focus on something else for a bit and I must admit, I feel a bit refreshed. I think having all the windows open at home helped with that too, nothing like fresh air!

It’s important to know that while we can be connected 24/7, we all need to step away and the world will not end. I checked, twitter is indeed still there ;).

Fun Stuff

The review will be coming but as part of my mini-break on the weekend I enlisted NonDad to play a fun game of Battleship with me. I love board games. Always have. And I was sent a copy from my friends at Hasbro as part of the movie launch so I waited impatiently for about 3 days before informing hubby we were playing. I take this stuff seriously too, as you’ll see from my apparel in a shot that will accompany the review (so stay tuned!), but need to study up on my naval strategy  as I was beaten by one shot. Grrrr. Re-match is being scheduled asap let me tell you. 😉

How did you spend your weekend? How do you stay balanced? What’s new and exciting?


One Response

  1. Balance is always a big word for me. I am constantly trying to find it. In fact, I write the word “Balance.” at the top of my check list every day. I have yet to master it. I hope one I day I might.

    You have a ton of fun home projects! How exciting! 🙂 Of course, pics will be required of the finished products 😉

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