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Nonmom Notes

A day later than usual due to the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada, but lots and lots to say!

What I’m Proud Of

This week I’m very very proud of my determination and motivation to get the rest of these pesky pounds off of me. After a second week of the scale not moving at all I realized I really have to ramp up and redouble my efforts. So I started walking, and I keep a fast pace too. I’m not a runner, I may be eventually, but not yet, but I LOVE WALKING! So off I went. My heels let me down a little with some fun blisters that are still healing up, but that’s ok, a switch of shoes and some creative bandaging combined with willpower and some great music did the trick. A very cool app that came recommended to me from a friend on twitter (thanks again Amy!!) has also made this so much more fun for me, Endomondo. Check it out. Seriously, it rocks.  And the pro version is free on Blackberry (which I use) until May 31st.

I plan to keep this walking up, I like it. The weather may hold me back tonight but that’s ok, if I can walk 5.9km/hr for an hour or more, surely I can jump on my elliptical and burn some calories if it rains out right? Go me!!!

What I’m Up To

Cleaning and crafting. Yes the massive emptying of the house continues and actually, the house is at about 90% now. Just a matter of doing the office (dreading that job) and tossing a few other items. Canadian Diabetes comes this week for their Clothesline pick-up and I have about 4 bags ready for them. I try to donate as much as possible and this group in particular is fabulous for donating to if they have the service in your area. Google it. It’s worth it.

I also did get some crafting in which I LOVE!!!! I finished the little Elmo backpack for my nephew and he adored it! When I gave it to him last night I showed him and asked him ‘who’s that?’, no hesitation at all, he answered clearly ‘Elmo!’. Proud Auntie moment achieved.

I managed to find the decorative wood piece I was after at Home Depot and got that painted yesterday so it will go above our headboard in the master bedroom and when eventually the crown moulding goes in (accepting donations to my reno budget freely LOL) the colour will match that as well as the current trim. I am so excited! I also got the letter ‘A’ for a photo project I am going to do in my reading nook in the same room. I saw it on Pinterest, check my boards, I re-pinned it. I got an ‘H’ for the basement and stained it a golden oak colour so that in the basement I can do something similar but it will be both of us and our time together that is featured. Simple but fun and wonderful projects!

As if that wasn’t enough, I really was on a painting kick, I painted a small bushel basket, I think it’s a quart, to match the waste bin I also painted years ago for the powder room on the main floor to hold toilet rolls.

All simple projects that just add that little something more to the house.

When I eventually get all of these done I will most definitely post pics ;).

What’s On My Mind

Besides crafting and cleaning? LOL Health, and that includes mental health. There is so much sadness all around me at the moment and I know that if I let it it will envelop me. But I am making a stand, and I think ultimately it will help those that are going through rough times too, I am going to remain positive and try to share and spread that to them instead of the reverse. I think everyone needs some positivity right now along with my empathy and sympathy so that’s what I’m doing. I’m sending out mass hugs, happy thoughts and positivity. Hugs to all and hope for better times ahead.

Fun Stuff

I got NEPHEW TIME!!!!! Nephew hadn’t seen me (except once on Skype) since December, I know, I know, bad Auntie, but last night we had a family dinner out to celebrate my mom’s birthday and of course, he was there. I mad scrambled on Saturday to finish his treat, a crocheted Elmo backpack I created for him (the button is the nose, sooooo cute!!!) and he LOVED it!!!! He was shy at first with me, but at the end he warmed up to the point I was getting hugs, and even got not one, but TWO kisses!! He even let me pick him up and he told me quite the story, the finer points of which I’m a bit foggy on, but he was quite detailed and into it. So cute.

Made my week, if not month.

What are you up to this week? How do you stay positive?


One Response

  1. I stay positive with my beautiful friends that keep my head up when things look bleak.

    I spend a lot of time praying and a lot of time hoping.

    No matter how ugly things get, I Pollyanna the stuff out of the situation. 🙂

    I’m so proud of you for staying motivated and for pushing through your mean ole’ heels. You’re a rockstar! ❤

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