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Review: Exit Unicorns by Cindy Brandner

Exit Unicorns by Cindy BrandnerRecently I was introduced to a Canadian author, Cindy Brandner, through a mutual friend who I adore and was asked to read her books and review them for you!

Cindy had written a trilogy, the Exit Unicorns series and I have JUST finished the first of the three, the title work: Exit Unicorns. I will review the others as I finish them too for your enjoyment and mine. I must say, the ending saw my jaw drop and I will be starting the second book this evening.

I am a huge historical fiction fan, especially when it’s based in Europe, and being that my family originated from Northern Ireland, and I’ve been to Belfast a few times to visit friends who live in Stormont, I jumped at the opportunity to read the series.

It is epic. Truly. I was hooked from page one.

The story centers around three characters:

Jamie: A wealthy aristocrat who is incredibly handsome but has had an anything but easy life.

Casey: The rebel. A member of the IRA who is back in Belfast after a 5-year prison stint.

Pamela: The innocent girl who has returned to Northern Ireland in search of an old love.

The story develops around the relationships between these three characters and against the backdrop of the trials and tribulations of Ireland. I found it very illuminating  because while I knew some of the history surrounding the conflicts, I did not know some of the finer points and Cindy does a fantastic job of bringing them to life and bringing the reader along with her.

The story begins in 1968 in Belfast with the death of Jamie’s father and the reader is immediately swept into the fray as this event begins a chain-reaction of events that bring the unlikely trio together in ways unexpected. The fact that the characters come from such different backgrounds allows a unique take on the events as we see them from all perspectives as they occur so you get a more well-rounded take on the events and people that were affected. There is adventure, intrigue, suspense and yes,  a little bit o’ romance too.

Exit Unicorns is a book I have absolutely loved reading and would highly recommend to anyone, male or female. It’s important to learn about history, and when it can come to life and envelop you like this book and these characters do, you get a wonderful insight into events and understand them in a new way. It is reminiscent of The Thorn Birds and Titanic (the movie) in the way it brings you into events through the eyes of fictional characters who could have easily existed.

You can follow Cindy on Twitter by clicking here and check out the website for the series here: www.ExitUnicorns.com

The novel is available for Kindle, as well as in print and this weekend only, June 1-3 is free on Kindle! Click here to get your copy and enjoy it today!

It is also available on Amazon.ca and Chapters.ca

After you read it, tell me: Are you a Jamie or a Casey girl?


5 Responses

  1. I’m a Jamie Girl all the way!!! I cannot wait for you to finish Mermaid and then Angels so we can talk about them. So, are you going to tell me if you are a Jamie or Casey girl? I’m so happy you figured out what I meant 🙂

    • I actually just emailed Cindy last night that I too am a Jamie-girl! Too funny! I enjoy Casey, but there’s something about that Jamie…. 🙂 Thank you so much for introducing me to Cindy and her books! Starting Mermaid tonight! 🙂

  2. Team Jamie for me too. Casey is too much bad-boy for me 🙂

  3. I’m a Casey girl, although I have more than a soft spot for Pat, too, so perhaps you could say that I’m a Riordan girl! I’m so glad you love Cindy’s writing — just wait, the books get even better as the series moves along 🙂

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