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10 Years…

10 years ago about a month ago I moved into my beloved little townhouse. Three features made me fall instantly in love with it and I haven’t looked back:

1. French doors in the foyer

2. The size of the master bedroom

3. The reading nook, when I saw that feature I was done, had to have it. I have always wanted a window seat for reading (I’m a total Anne of Green Gables girl so I think that’s where the obsession with the window seat comes from) and this is just so much better cause I have my super-comfy sofa there and am making it ‘mine’ with a fun art project in progress too!

I also have the loveliest master bathroom with a corner tub (that sadly I almost never use, but hey, it looks great! LOL) but it was so blah and I have been wanting to paint it since I moved in. Finally I picked a colour, a grey with a blue base so that it picks up the smoky grey blue in the tiles and I am beyond pleased with the results! It’s still a work in progress, I have some touch-ups to do, but wow. What a huge accomplishment.

My plan was to work on the interior this summer, I also want the living room re-painted soooooooo much, but I may have to enlist some help for that one as it’s a BIG job. Over the past couple of years I have worked and focused on the exterior but this year, the 10th year, it’s time to focus on the interior.

It is  a beautiful house (but I’m obviously biased) and it has so much potential. Do I have the dream budget to make all the changes I want (like a total re-do of the kitchen which it needs), no. But it’s amazing what an impact paint and decor can make when you’re on a budget.

My plan now, since once I start a project it kinda tends to snowball LOL, is to paint the trim in both the master (it needs a refresh to match its new walls, and the main bathroom upstairs. It’s amazing what refreshing even the trim can do sometimes isn’t it?

Then I want to buy a new door to our basement. My neighbour has the identical house to us but flipped floorplan and has a french door to her basement and I cannot get over how much lighter her main floor is because of it. I can paint it myself, I just need hubby to actually get it to the house for me. Another small thing that will make a huge impact.

After that, some more art projects such as my ‘A’ wall in my reading nook, thank you Pinterest for that idea, and some art or photos for my dining room.

I got inspired during the holidays at the beginning of the year and have been determined that changes would come to the house THIS YEAR so I could be proud of it again.  For me I have a timeline that is working in my favour of company coming to visit in a few weeks so it’s crunch time, but stuff that was long overdue is actually being done, I’m so proud :).

Pics to come as I finish the projects 😉

Where do you get your inspiration? What motivates you? What’s your favourite ‘small on budget but big on impact’ trick for updating your home?





3 Responses

  1. I love that you love Anne of Green Gables. That was one of my favorite books and movies growing up!

    Also, when I find the library from Beauty and the Beast, I am buying it and living it. You should totally come too! The kitties are more than welcome 🙂

  2. You’ll be impressed – we’ve been doing stuff in our house too. We’ve conquered our patio. We did pretty well with budget (we even own our own power washer now!) and got a new little patio set among other things.
    This past weekend we did our basement. I should post the before and after photos. The only money we spent was on cleaning supplies (we usually only use natural ones or vinegar water, but we went crazy with some good old Mr. Clean and fantastic) and we de-cluttered. I’m super proud with how it looks. I’m getting so tired of wanting new stuff when what we really need to do is get rid of old stuff and clean! (not a hint. for us it’s a whole lot of kid stuff).
    So I guess my favourite budget tip is throw stuff out rather than bringing stuff in.
    What am I motivated by? well… I was motivated by how on vacation we had this time share, and it took our family about 5 minutes every day to do a full clean because we didn’t have a ton of stuff.
    And I was motivated to do to the patio by Matt who told me he wished we could eat outside at home like we do on vacation.

    • That is awesome girly!!!
      I so hear you o getting stuff OUT of the house, I’ve been sorting and tossing and donating for months and the house is just so much better it’s almost silly.
      Dying to sip cool drinks on your patio sometime soon 🙂

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