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Review: Battleship…the Toys!

One of my favourite games to play as a kid really was Battleship. I only ever had the travel version and my sister and I would play it over and over again. I was always blue, she was red. Much fun was had over the years and now with the movie on screens now, the game, and some really neat Kre-O building sets bring that game to a whole new level.

When the media kit arrived at home I just about fell over…

Hasbro Battleship

WOW! It even made the Battleship sounds when you pressed on the box, I have to take a sentence here and praise the media kit designers at Hasbro, exponential numbers of hi-five’s. You guys and gals do a phenomenal job.

And now onto the contents of the box!

The actual original game, with the pegs, is back. I like the pegs. And I like the original game. This has been updated slightly though to match the movie so the red side features ships based on the alien ships from the movie and the blue side (my lucky side remember) is the original ships. Nondad and I played, he won, I am in the process of disputing this result, I’ll let you know how it goes. I say he cheated and had the cats running intelligence from my side of the table to his but he denies it ;).

It folds up and is easy to carry so it’s perfect for taking on road trips or to a picnic this summer. And the pieces are all contained inside it too so again, easy for transporting and storing. I like that. This updated version of the game retails for approximately $24.99.

There are also a few sets of Hasbro’s Kre-O building sets that have been designed and are simply, wow! What I love about the Kre-O sets is that they come in a box that is like a briefcase, it makes it easy to store, wrap as a gift because I know I am not the world’s best gift wrapper, and the come with detailed manuals on how to assemble the projects. I have started the big set, the S.S. Missouri and the manual reads like a novel, but it is so simple to follow and what a wonderful project to do with your little one. The manuals are graphic so the kids can follow along and to be honest, it helps with us ‘big kids’ too. These sets are incredibly detailed and what a sense of accomplishment when they are complete. I will know that soon as I am aiming to finish the ship this weekend if all goes according to plan ;). Yes pics will be posted.

Hasbro Battleship Kre-OHasbro Battleship Kre-O

There are sets for all ages and skill levels but again, the fact that the manuals are graphic in nature really makes them accessible to more age groups. I don’t however suggest giving a toddler the set as swallowing the bricks could obviously be a hazard. The age guidelines on the boxes are pretty much bang-on. They retail anywhere from $9.99 to $79.99. If you have a builder munchkin in your life, these are definitely worth a look. Plus, the bricks work with the other building brick sets for added play ability.

To cover the rest of the gaming and play family they have also come out with a video game version of Battleship based on the movie and it’s FPS (I asked my hubby, that means First Person Shooter…see, I can learn!) and since he is a video gamer (I can use my Wii and play some games rather well on it, his stuff, not so much LOL), I had him take a look at the game trailers and he was really impressed. This is a guy who plays FPS games on an almost daily basis and is very picky about what he does play and who he plays against and with so for him to say he’d like to play it means it’s worth checking out. Ok, I admit it, even I was impressed with the graphics on the preview. It is available on the main gaming platforms and retails for the regular pricing of the games based on the system (i.e. $59.99 on PS3).

If you are a fan of the board game, it’s nice to see it re-born but without losing the spirit if it which is to use strategy to beat your opponent and sink those Battleships!


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  1. As to the game, I assume it was the original non electronic version with pegs. That game was great. I bought the electronic (battery) version in college. Not so great. Since both sides had to be connected to each other, unless you were a toddler you could see over the partition and where the other sides boats were. Games were very fast since every shot was a hit.

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