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Family Comes Furrst

The past couple of days have been rather stressful in my household as we have had a sick family member. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell us he was sick, we had to (and thankfully did) recognize it and jump on it.

Mr. Smudgie, one of our beloved furbabies is still in hospital.

On Saturday morning I picked Smudge up for snuggles and noticed his fur was dryer than normal and he felt lighter. Hubby immediately took him from my arms and we weighed him, yup, he was definitely down. We had a couple cans of wet food so I put some in a ramekin (Smudge prefers his wet food served a certain way…not that he and his brother are spoiled at all), picked him up and set him down in front of it. I figured the wet food would fill him up and rehydrate him a bit too.

We kept this up on Sunday and his fur did get softer and he did eat but yesterday morning (Monday) hubby came upstairs after getting up way earlier than me and said he was going to rush him to the vet. Mama panic set in, this is one of MY babies, and I know they’re cats, but for us, they are our kids. I stayed with Spot and I got ready for work and waited for hubby’s call.

‘We think it’s a tooth but they’re going to run tests to be sure that’s all it is.’

Ok, I can deal with that.

Then later in the day a second call, kidneys, renal issues. That’s much more serious. Acute is what we were aiming for, chronic, we were really worried about.

I called my mom. I know it’s not the same as humans, but my mom was a dialysis nurse and that means kidneys. She told me which results to look at from the tests and eeep, they were way high. As soon as I walked in the door after work I walked back out again with hubby and off we went to go see the poor little guy. I had that sinking feeling in my stomach worrying for Smudgie but when the vet said he was visibly perking up with us there to see him it made me feel a lot better. Even moreso was when he ate some food for daddy.

We had a long visit with him, he did not like his cone at all or his little leg being wrapped up for his IV but mama brought him a toy from home to help him not feel as lonely. If I could have slept there I would have but we did have to leave him. Poor little Spot has been just lost without him and would not leave my side when I was watching a movie with hubby last night and then wouldn’t come to bed because he was waiting for his brother to come home. Spot also did not come to bed Sunday night, neither did Smudge which was another warning sign. Spot is very good about sticking to his brother when something is up. In the past when Smudge got stuck in a closet (still trying to figure that one out) Spot just sat at the door and wouldn’t leave, that’s how we knew Smudgie was in there. So him staying with him on Sunday night was a definite sign that he needed brotherly support.

The vet called again before bed to update us with more positive news and then this morning hubby called me with another update (out vet is really great for keeping us in the loop) and he is doing even better and might possibly come home tonight! My heart about burst with this news, I cannot wait to have him back home again and give him cuddles and snuggles and kisses again.

My whole life went on hold for this little guy. Again, I know these are cats, but I know that when my sister or I got sick as kids or even now with my nephew, life gets put on hold for them when they need us. Priorities get re-evaluated and everything stops. And I did. Stop that is. Nothing was important other than my fur-son getting better and getting home.

You don’t realize just how much these little fur-kids become a part of your life until something like this happens, unfortunately this is the second time Smudgie has scared us, the first being when he was still a kitten and again, we found a way and dealt with it. You go into crisis-mode and where you couldn’t find options before, you find them now. These are your little ones, and I know that doing everything you can for them and having your heart break for them is universal.

Family comes first, or in my case ‘Furrst’.

We’ve had all good reports so far today but they’re running a couple more tests and my fingers remain crossed and life remains on-hold until he is home with his brother and us.

Hubby & Smudgie

Hubby and his Smudgie, they are inseparable. Feel better and come home soon buddy!


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  1. Awwww glad you noticed quick enough 🙂 and great to hear he’s doing so well 😀

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