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Thankful for my Furball Thursday

This week I find it more than ever important to note what I am thankful for because this week has been such a trial for me.

I am thankful that my beloved Smudgie is home. On Monday, as you may have read, hubby rushed him to the vet and after tests etc., it was determined it is his kidneys, he went into renal failure. I of course googled this and the panic set in. Our furballs are our kids so when they hurt I beyond hurt for them. My poor little baby wasn’t well and I couldn’t make it better.

So I am also thankful that we have such an amazing vet and that she and the team were able to act quickly and get him on the mend.

Smudge is not thankful his leg got shaved for an IV and he had to wear a cone, but he is thankful that he is home with his family now. Spotter immediately ran up to him and started licking him so they were definitely happy to be reunited. Smudgie also has been giving lots of snuggles to us and head butts and the purring has been frequent and very much appreciated by his daddy and I.

Smudgie was also thankful when his daddy got home last night because it meant that he could sit with him like he does every night normally and he did. Two peas in a pod those two. Spotter has been stuck to me like glue and I’m loving the extra love from him too.

Smudgie is not so thankful to us when he gets his meds, but he knows that he gets lots of love when he gets them so we’re hoping that may help a little. We are thankful there are meds for this to make him as better as possible.

I really want to thank my husband again too. I have re-fallen in love with him all over again with how wonderful he has been through all of this. He’s been keeping me calm (relatively) and to see how wonderful he is with Smudgie and how well we work together when we’re caring for the little guy is magic. I could not do this without him.

Thank you to all of you who have sent messages too. We really appreciate it and hope our little guy is running and bouncing around again as soon as possible. Until then we’re keeping him quiet and calm and giving him the care he needs.


4 Responses

  1. Glad to hear that Smudge is on the mend!

  2. Wishing you and your Smudgie a speedy recovery!

  3. It’s sooo important to have a great vet, especially for as beautiful a kitty as that one!

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