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Reading Challenge!

Recently a friend, Patricia Sands, sent me a link on Facebook for a reading challenge. Being that I am a bookworm by nature and also that I am trying my darndest to read the classics, this challenge just screamed ‘Do this!’ to me.

The challenge means coming up with a list of the classics you want to read and you have a year to do it. I have been trying to make my list but keep getting interrupted so I am making a stand and here it is:

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • Around the World in 80 Days
  • David Copperfield
  • Little Women
  • Oliver Twist
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • Treasure Island
  • Vanity Fair
  • Wuthering Heights
  • And one more! The Return of Sherlock Holmes (which I am starting right now & already loving)

I may not get through all of them, but I am going to make an effort and I encourage my readers to do so too.

If you want more info, click here and be whisked to the main page with all of the info.

Join the fun!


11 Responses

  1. Love this reading challenge! As a kid, I would see how many classics I could read during the summer. While I don’t have the time in the summer as I did then, I would love to re-tackle some of my faves, especially Little Women and Oliver Twist! 🙂

  2. Hi NonMom,
    How is your day going? I am thrilled you are joining us for the Reading Challenge. You list looks great. I’ve never read Wuthering Heights or Vanity Fair so I hope you will tell us about them when you finish them. I hope you will hop over to the Reading Challenge group on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/groups/331246600279172/ and join us. Remember to come by the blog on Fridays and check in with your progress. I enjoy reading what others think about their books. I’m always learning that way. Nice to meet you and welcome to our little classic reading community.

  3. Great list! I’ve read all but the first two (oh and Vanity Fair) and loved them (I love, love, love, Dickens!) Enjoy!

  4. Little Women is so so so good! So is A Tale of Two Cities and Vanity Fair! Enjoy. 🙂

  5. You go, Amy! That’s a fabulous list and who cares if you don’t make it through all of them. The fact that you have made the commitment to try is what counts. Read on, my friend!

  6. […] been working my way through a few over the years, Jane Austen is my favourite, and entering in this challenge just made perfect sense to […]

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