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Nonmom Notes: House Edition

As you can no doubt tell Nonmom has been a bit busy the past week or so hence the lack of posts. I aim to fix that though as I have some amazing posts coming for you all, just ’cause I adore all of you so much! Think toys, fashion and goals achieved ;).

So what has been keeping me away from my beloved blog? The house.

When I was single my home was always in a state of neatness. Then I met my darling husband. He wasn’t nearly as concerned as I was about keeping things neat. My philosophy since I moved out on my own was that if I didn’t do it, who would? It was all on me, which was fine, and I did it. Then hubby moved in and now there was a second person and that second person, sorry dear, isn’t as neat as I am.

But he’s been a HUGE help the past couple days, and I love him for it.

Typically my Saturday mornings have entailed housework while he’s out. I loathe Saturday mornings for this very reason. And this Saturday past was no exception.

I am on a timeline at the moment to get the house as close to my standards (keep in mind my nickname is MiniMartha for a reason) as possible and I have been ramping my spring cleaning to a whole new level as a result. The timeline has been a great motivator, but it has also made me a bit tired. I found that I overextended myself (again, not a surprise if you know me) and I finally sat down yesterday and made a list of the priority items that NEED to be done. What a difference! I realized I’m not as far behind as I thought and I managed to get some more work done as well as squeeze in a walk.

I find that this big tidy, sort and toss has also been very therapeutic and enlightening. The house just ‘feels’ better, fresher. It’s like a makeover I suppose, you go in in a state of flux and come out refreshed and energized.

So what has been done in the house that has kept me so busy?

The master bathroom got painted, finally, after 10 years of semi-patience by me. It took longer than expected because of some plastering that had to be done, but I’m really pleased at the results. The new fixture isn’t up yet, but that’s ok, the rest is done and that’s minor at this point. The main bathroom got its trim painted, I have to do the door still but that can wait a week.

The clutter has been reduced SIGNIFICANTLY. I admit I was getting a little messy with my laundry in the bedroom too but it’s all neat now and the room looks so much bigger!So does the rest of the house. I like seeing empty spaces again. Deeee-lightful!!

New decor is up in the master bedroom that I bought, painted to match the trim of the room (eventually this will coordinate when I get the moulding up around the ceiling) and hung. It mimics one of my favourite things: Wedgwood Jasperware. Finally my dream blue and white bedroom is almost complete!

The kitchen got a major tidy up. The cupboard doors have been washed, the fridge got cleaned on the weekend and a bunch of stuff re-organized and tossed where needed.

I started (and hope to finish tonight) my hatbox storage project. I got a set of 5 of them at the craft store and they coordinate with the sofa in my reading nook in my bedroom. They will store SOME of my yarn for me. I admit freely I have a yarn problem, I’m not willing to do anything about it though LOL. I got a stencil fleur de lis for them on the weekend too. They are going to be simply gorgeous when done.

The living room and dining room got major de-clutters and with the exception of a few pieces of paper and a couple books they are done.

I have donated a bunch of stuff to charity as well as passed on some clothes to a friend since we are both shrinking and buying new stuff every couple of months is just not practical at all. Why not help each other out? Feels great!

Windows and mirrors have been cleaned, carpets vaccuumed and everything dusted (but that’s weekly stuff anyway) and of course the bathrooms cleaned too.

Last night I tidied the foyer up and scrubbed that floor too. It looks so good right now! I am so pleased.

It may not seem like a lot when you see that list but I assure you, it’s been a lot of work. Now I can safely say that the light at the end of the tunnel is almost upon me and I am so looking forward to this long-weekend where I won’t have to spend my Saturday morning the way I typically do. Woo hoo!

Have you ever had a project like this? How did you go about getting it all done?Β  What projects, if any, do you have planned for your homes this summer?


5 Responses

  1. I completely understand house projects and timelines! In the next month we need to completely refinish the basement (drywall is done, half the painting finished last week-end). Next is installing floors, and tiling, and trim, and furniture, and curtains….. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m sure your house looks gorgeous!! I know you’re been working really hard on it.

    Most of my organization/re-do projects have to do with baby stuff as Eli outgrows and classrooms (since I’ve never been in the same classroom 2 years in a row). Of course, this year I will need your crafty expertise to create the perfect classroom! πŸ™‚

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