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A Princess Dream Come True!

Last October I made a decision, a big one, to finally make a major change to my lifestyle and get myself back on track. I had to make that decision on my own, but am I ever glad I did. Has it been easy? Not entirely, but now I really don’t even notice it. Has it been worth it? Absolutely!

My decision, to lose the weight I had put on due to so many factors but mainly stress. Yes, I tend to stress myself out and yes, it really does affect you in more ways than you think.

With a little bit of coaxing (it really didn’t take much) from my wonderful neighbour and friend we decided to team up and go on this journey together. We have far too much fun together so this just made sense. Most importantly though, I had to make the decision and then the method just had to be decided on. I made the right one for me, everyone is different and you have to do what is right for you and what is doable for you. My choice: Weight Watchers.

That was mid-October 2011.

Now 9 1/2 months later I am 55.6 lbs lighter, buying sizes I have never bought or comfortably fit into since my early 20’s and loving it. It took time, but it was so worth it. I even did something I never thought I would ever do about two weeks ago: I bought SKINNY JEANS! Me! And they look fabulous. And they might been too big in about a month so I’m going to enjoy them until they are and I have to buy a smaller size, woo hoo!

One of my goals once I lost the weight was to get a similar dress to Kate Middleton’s famous Issa engagement dress and have my ‘Princess Moment’ and get pictures done etc. I’m a huge fan of her so I know this sounds like a very cheesy goal but it’s one that meant a lot to me.

Then I met my new friend Jackie. We were out walking one Sunday and I was rambling on about how my goal was to get the pseudo-Issa and she piped up ‘You mean the one I have?’ I about fell over. As soon as I regained my balance I almost fell over again, she said I could borrow it. I think my hands were actually shaking when she brought it to me I was so excited. THANK YOU JACKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my reward was slightly altered. Instead of a pseudo-Issa dress, I got to wear the real thing (and it is truly divine I assure you) and instead of this taking place in the fall as I had in the back of my mind, I got to do it about a week or so ago. What a wonderful treat and reward it was. My darling friend Simar came over with his camera gear and took the pictures and I cannot thank him enough, *mwah dahling!*.

And without further ado, here are a couple of my faves from my dream Princess shoot.

Who do you think wears it better? Kate or moi? 😉

Nonmom Issa Nonmom IssaNonmom Issa


7 Responses

  1. Kate would be cray jealous if she saw you now! You are gorgeous!

    I am so proud of you and how hard you have worked! You have been persistent when that mean ole’ scale wouldn’t budge, and you kicked its butt!

    You’re such an inspiration to others out there with similar goals.

    You go!! 😀

  2. You look great! What an inspiration to others. You mentioned that stress is part of the initial weight gain, isn’t that so common?

  3. Amy, you look awesome in that dress! When I saw you at Indy last weekend, you looked terrific in your capris, too. What I see in you that I especially love is that sense of confidence in your demeanour and on your face. I liked the way you looked before you lost the weight, too, and the fact that this was more of a change to a healthier lifestyle, rather than “I hate the way I look”, will mean this look will stay. Congratulations!! You’ve inspired me to make the same changes to my life – a more nutritious, healthy diet and exercise. Thanks, Amy.

  4. love the dress!
    you are doing soooo awesome and i’m so proud of you. I agree with you. You have to make the decision for yourself, but once you make it it gets so much easier!
    Well… kind of. Do not ask me halfway through my early morning runs if it is easy 🙂 but you know what i mean.

  5. Good for you! Inspiring story indeed – feels good no?

  6. Looking very good, girl! Congratulations!

  7. […] a treat I got to get those divine pictures done in the actual Issa dress that became famous when my fashion idol (love her!!!!) The Duchess of Cambridge wore it for her […]

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