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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Toys!

In parallel to the movie being launched, Hasbro have launched their new line of Spider-Man toys for the summer of 2012. It seems this is the year of the superhero, and frankly, I’m good with that! I loved watching the Spider-Man cartoons when I was a kid coming home for lunch, and I really like that overall, the character has remained true to the image I am used to. There’s something to be said for retro I think ;).

First off, of course we have the cool dress-up/mimic the superhero gear. The mask is available in a rubber with velcro ties to help your little superhero become their hero, as well as NonDad’s favourite part: the mega blaster web shooter. And yes it comes with a glove. It shoots silly string (aka webbing) or, as an alternative (and a really good idea in this heat wave we’re experiencing) water.

Spider-Man Hasbro Web Shooter

I love that the kids can really ‘be their hero’ with accessories like this. And, buying refills doesn’t have to mean silly string, water can be got anywhere so taking this to the cottage or boat (I grew up boating so I say that LOL) is simpler and the toy remains ‘in play’ even if you can’t find silly string.

Next up we have the action figures. They, like their fellow Marvel counterparts this year, come in two sizes and two feature points.  The smaller figure  features an accessory, in this case a plasma cannon, that attaches and can be used for play. The larger figure, a Web Battler, features a smash saw in this case that is activated by squeezing his legs. Very cool! Others include a web/whip, a large spinner and even an enemy to battle against!

Hasbro Marvel Amazing Spider-Man

The details are again great and you can tell that they will indeed hold up to the wear and tear of battle.

And last but certainly not least, poor Spidey needs to get around and sometimes that web-slinging just isn’t quick enough so he needs a cool car to get around in. Even my cat Spot was impressed and wanted to try it out as you can see ;). This one does not disappoint either.

Amazing Spider-Man Hasbro Marvel

I mean come on? The Spider Strike Battle Racer even has a ‘web’ Spidey can swing out on with a push to the rear spoiler. Awesome. The car comes with a Spider-Man action figure and then your little one (or big, I know many of mine and my husband’s grown friends who will play with these too) can drive Spidey around and take him to his various battles. I like that it comes with an action figure so that play can commence immediately. And it’s durable because you just know that it’s going to be put through its paces.

Overall, very cool and great to see the Spider-Man that I knew as a kid come back and be just as cool as ever.

Go Spidey!


One Response

  1. I want the Spider Strike Battle Racer!! That is SOO cool!!! I’m a sucker for Spiderman toys. My brother Cody had several growing up. 🙂

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