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Fun with Alpacas…and more!

Sometimes you just have to have fun and do things that you normally wouldn’t do.

That being said, I don’t tend to go to things without my hubby, I know I know, I’m supposed to maintain my independence, but really, it is nice to do stuff as a couple sometimes. This weekend though he was swamped and our veterinarian was having a BBQ. The ad in the paper said they’d have an alpaca. Now, you need to know how much I love alpacas. They rock. I love crocheting alpaca and I adore the animals in general. They are utterly adorable!!!!

Our vet (who we love because they took such good care of our Smudgie who is doing infinitely better now), brought in ponies for the kids, a great big bbq and a farm brought in some animals for the kids (and moi) to enjoy seeing and getting to know.

It was delightful. I was giggling like a kid and even got to feed the alpaca, her name is Miley, and her friend the Llama (who’s name sadly escapes me). But it was so neat! I haven’t done anything like that in ages, and I love it. My mom grew up on a farm, my hubby’s family had horses, and I just plain old love animals.

Alpaca Llama

I got to see a Wallaby, too cute, the most adorable ducks (they were Quackers! LOL) and a donkey (I named him Eeyore and gave him lots of pets).

Baby DucksEeyore Donkey

It was great for the kids to see real animals who were obviously all well taken care of, and get outside and have fun.

Sometimes you need to do something different, and look how much fun can be had…even sans hubby! 😉

What have you done that’s a little different lately?


4 Responses

  1. You got to feed the alpaca??!! I’m SO jealous!

    That really sounds like a lot of fun! And you know this Texas girl is a sucker for a good BBQ! 🙂

  2. Out by my BFF’s house there are several alpaca farms. Sometimes we just cruise by to look at them. Extra bonus in the spring when there are babies! Were there any pygmy goats at the BBQ (which was totally cool, by the way)? They’re my favorite!

    • There were indeed goats, but I’m not sure what kind they were. They were utterly adorable though. 🙂
      I am trying to convince my hubby to swing by the alpaca farm I buy yarn from every fall on his upcoming road trip. He still needs convincing that this is an essential stop for him to make 😉

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