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A Craft Wars Christmas and My Take on it

My darling friend who I adore, Casi, told me about this show that was starting this summer on TLC, Craft Wars and insisted that we watch together even though she is in Texas and I am in Toronto. We watch together over twitter. It’s fabulous. Our weekly party. We really should craft ourselves spiffy sparkly glasses for Craft Wars cocktails. Another project!

But I digress.

While I am not a fan of reality tv, sorry all, just not my thing generally, I do love this show. It might have something to do with the craft closet. Oh my, I so wish I had access to that every day. If I did though I would probably move in and craft myself a little sleeping nook complete with glittered chandelier.

Again, I digress.

Last night’s episode about Christmas really made my hyper as you can no doubt tell from my writing. I tend to go slightly overboard when it comes to Christmas decorations. Well, my husband thinks I do, I think I need more decor items, but that’s for another post in a few months LOL. And since my ideas were flowing throughout the show and my poor hubby had to hear me talking to the tv during the show giving pointers, I thought hey, blog post! So, here’s my first, of I hope a few at least, posts ‘post-show’.

Grab your glue gun, glitter and, if you’re me, yarn and let’s talk crafting!

I missed the first segment, the pop craft, because my satellite was acting up. But I did see the finished products. Beautiful. I probably would have incorporated more jingle bells, but that’s me. And glitter.

Now for the master craft.

First off, I loved both competitors trees. They both had some fab touches and really, I’ve liked all the contestants so far.
Ok, my take on the trees, I would have used more of the packing supplies for the tree construction. I freely grant the crafters are under pressure and I have more time to process ideas, but with this episode in particular my ideas hit instantly.

Packing tubes.
Bubble wrap.
And a tonne of glitter.

I have always loved the Burl Ives song ‘Silver and Gold’ and that is what inspires my main tree every year. I would have used this theme with a few accents had I been on the show. Yes I said main tree. That means there are others. Again, that’s for another blog post ;).

A tree skirt of bubble wrap to mimic ice. Tulle and glitter to mimic snow and shimmer.

A tree made from the packing tubes. Wrap them in tulle or ribbon and wrap lights up the trunk. I’ve done something similar with my tree. I took some of my wired ribbon (I have a couple spools, ok, maybe 8 or 10) and wrapped the trunk from bottom to top. I then wrapped a strand of lights up the trunk as well. It looked cool. Obviously a filler would have to go in the tubes for weight, but that’s easy.

For branches, use more tubes with the same technique.

Ornaments. Ribbon as garland. That’s just necessary. (A phrase I am borrowing from Casi, I love it)
Hole punch the cards, glitter the edges and use twine to hang them.
Also use those light bulbs tonight’s winner used but instead of multi-coloured glitter, silver and gold.

Did I mention white lights?

Now you need some pops of colour. Pink goes so well with this colour combo. They have them in store so I’m sure they have them in that dream closet, the fake birds. Tip their wings with pink glitter. Gorgeous. They can sit on the branches. You can even glitter a nest and put it a little deeper in the tree. Totally adorable and fills it in.

And those beautiful tissue flower flowers that tonight’s runner up used: make them pink gold and white. I am totally all over those.

More unique ornaments you say? Use bubble wrap! Use a craft punch to punch a Christmas shape out of cardstock. Glitter it. Put bubble wrap front and back of it. Edge and seal with duct tape which can also be glittered. Simple and beautiful. You could do something similar for a tree topper too.

You could also use embroidery hoops as ornaments by having pretty scenes from the cards hanging inside them and the hoop hanging on the branches. Spray paint the hoops or trim with ribbon. Use embroidery floss to hang the scene inside the hoops.

You could also use the eyelash yarn that I have bought on several occasions from Michaels as garland as it mimics snow and ice.

Oh my! Now I want it to be December so I can start decorating!

What is your take? What one change would you make to the competitors trees?  Do you make any ornaments by hand?


One Response

  1. **blush* Tell me more about how darling I am. **giggle*

    I am bouncing around in my chair, I’m so excited about the bubble wrap ideas!! Ooohhhh!!! It would be so pretty and poppy…I don’t know how long the bubble wrap would last with me.

    I’m ready for December too. Better idea. Let’s start now! Our husbands may kill us by December, but it would be SOO worth it!! 😀

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