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My Summer Mini-Hoiday: Yarn Quest

I have a busy schedule, working for yourself is definitely not for the faint of heart, and as such I haven’t really had much of an actual summer to do something I really wanted to do. I’ve seen one movie, spent a little time in my pool (it’s inflatable but I can float on my raft so I love it) and done a little bit of crafting but really, I haven’t gone anywhere and that’s just depressing.
So on Friday, my work from home day normally, I decided I wanted a couple of hours to do something for me.

As you know, I love yarn.  I am a self-taught crocheter so my technique probably isn’t the best, but I think I do ok. Plus, I love it so it doesn’t matter. A couple of summers ago I went on what turned out to be a Yarn Tour with a cousin of my hubby and it was utterly wonderful. We visited a few stores and got some great treasures. I loved that so much I decided to make my mini-holiday YarnQuest12.

I found this awesome site that has yarn stores listed all over Canada and the US. It’s called KnitMap and I love it. I punched in a few places near me and plotted my route. As I only had a few hours I could only visit two stores, because you need to account for browsing time, and hit the road.

Both stores were divine, I visited Spun Fibre Arts first and everyone was lovely! So was the yarn. I must have wandered for 15 mins. I got some beautiful periwinkle baby alpaca ( I LOVE ALPACA!!!!) and a beautiful bright green and a bright blue wool that I am going to combine into a cowl. I am so excited!!! They had a lovely little sitting area and it was all I could do to not settle in and start crocheting on the spot.

Then my next stop was The Needle Emporium in Ancaster. Little did my brain realize (which is silly because I totally have golf fanatic parents) that the big golf tournament was on but thankfully, like when it was in my town, they are really organized and there wasn’t an issue with traffic.  I of course, being directionally impaired, missed it on the first go so I stopped at the Timmies (Tim Hortons to non-Canucks) and used the wifi to figure out how I missed it. I looked on the wrong side, I should have googled it first. Silly me!

I must have spent 25 minutes there as I wound up chatting with the owner and a customer and of course got way too many ideas.

And more yarn.

I got some beautiful mohair/silk and have already used one hank of it for this scarf. It is the softest thing ever and it really did only take me about 90 mins to do it like the gal at the store said. Yay! Go me!

Crochet Scarf

I came home feeling totally relaxed and immediately pulled out my hook and finished a project I had been working on so I could start o the new ones LOL.

I’m already into planning another afternoon (or day) of Yarn Questing.

Do you have a hobby where you travel around to enjoy it like my YarnQuest12?


One Response

  1. The scarf is beautiful!! 🙂

    I love all of the colors you got too! It’s always fun for Di, you and me to twitter shop together!

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