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The Craft Wars Report

As we saw last week, I am a crafting addict.  This is also apparent when you read that my mini-summer holiday involved visiting yarn stores. To me, that really is a holiday.

So, last night’s episode I admit had me a little stumped. Glasses? Zippers? Really? Wow. I commend all of the crafters on that one. I think I would have had the deer-in-the-headlights expression on my face, well, I think I actually did. Wow.
Pop Craft

This week’s pop craft was a super fun one, a lamp, but with a really odd choice for a required material, glasses and goggles. That’s when my jaw admittedly dropped. Me, stumped. The crafters, momentarily stunned and then ideas kicked in and they were off.

I must admit I was partial to the lamp by the gal who got eliminated. I would have added tulle to it and had the reflectors hanging but what a great idea using that embroidery hoop. And I even liked the colour! The wrapped one was cool too but I think it needed glitter. My friend Casi agreed. We watched togther via Skype. ***Side note: I am in love with Skype at the moment***

The guy’s lamp was a little too abstract for me, but ok, it was definitely creative.

What would NonMom have made?

If it were me, honestly, this was a hard one and I’m pondering as I type this to be honest. Perhaps use two embroidery hoops, one for the top of the shade and one for the bottom. As an outer you need something that lets light through, perhaps use some vellum. Ooh yes! Ok, now the ideas are flowing! Finally, only took 14 hours, LOL. Ok, so use vellum and have the hoops as the top and bottom. Punch holes in the edges on both sides of the vellum to make a drum shape. Use ribbon laced through the holes in a criss-cross fashion. Tie a bow. Gorgeous! I would do pink. You could accent this with glitter at a width of perhaps a half an inch at the top and bottom edges of the vellum too.

Now to incorporate the glasses. Hmm. You could take a base for a clay pot and flip it over. Paint it silver. It goes with the pink. And I like those colours so that’s what I would choose.  Drill a hole in the centre of the upside down base for your wiring and you will need something for the wire to run up, I’ll get to that. The glasses. Take the lenses and adhere them using the glue gun like feathers, layered, over the base. Time dependent, also glitter just the very edges of them. Everything is better with glitter!

For the post part, we need something hollow, you could grab a few pieces of dowel, have them surround the wire and the lamp part and run it up that way. Paint the dowels to coordinate as well. I would do pure white.

You could, again, I have more time than they did, but you could also hang a single lens at intervals so that they overlap from the bottom of the shade. That would be cool because it would sparkle the light around the room.

Darn, now I want to make a lamp. Good thing Michaels has a coupon posted with the show. I may have to run there tonight.

Master Craft

This week it was a bedroom set. WOW! As I’ve been working on my bedroom this year this really got me going. I like both sets that the competitors put together, but I think the right set won.  I wasn’t keen on the shape of the headboard of the winner though, I would have swapped headboards with the other competitor. But wow, five hours to do all that? Beyond impressive.

And zippers? Really? Ok, that one really threw me. I loved the mosaic pillow and the vase and rosettes. Smart and simple ways to use them.

What would NonMom have made?

I am modelling my bedroom after Wedgwood’s Jasperware, those beautiful pieces of blue with creamy white details so I would start there for my colour scheme.

I would have grabbed white and blue for the zipper colours and maybe some gold, yes, gold would work. A fun fabric using blue and white, I am 99.9% sure I saw some in the craft closet. I would have used that for the duvet cover for sure with a white lining/bottom. Elegant and simple.

The zippers really throw me. I think I would have used them like the winner did, as rosettes on pillows. I’m all about accent pieces so I think incorporating them that way would have done it for me. Oooh! Again inspiration hits as I write. Ok, Casi and I agreed that we would have used the spools that the zippers were on as end tables. You could paint them white (can we tell I love white?) and stack two or three of them (because I couldn’t tell the height of them from the TV). You could use the gold zipper wrapped and overlapped over and over on the spools. I would use a semi-opaque fabric as a cover, because you want to see those spiffy bases, perhaps blue and white and drape it. That would be so pretty!

For accent pieces, I love my pillows. I would have done a simple and elegant pillow or three too. If I was a better seamstress (it’s on my list of things I need to work on) I would use the zippers and fabric here. Ok, I would essentially attach a long zipper that goes around the edge of each accent pillow and I’d like them to be functional too. This way you could zip them off for easy cleaning! I would also probably put a faux flower on the centre of the main pillow. It’s centre would have to be either a jewel bead(s) or glitter.

I would love to use the zippers more but honestly again, that threw me for a loop.

Ooh! I almost forgot, a headboard!

Ok, because I saw something like it on Pinterest, get a piece of wood, paint it French blue. Have it be taller that it is wide so it goes to the ceiling. Use Christmas clear lights strung in a loosely vertical pattern, they can be secured at either end or from the back. Have them end above the pillow line, you don’t want to be sitting up in bed and lean back and hear a crunch. Then have tulle over it all, again, keep it loose and light. Attach on the back at the top and bottom. Simple and elegant.

Did you watch? What are your ideas? Do you feel inspired to craft now? I know Casi and I do! Our husband’s however both fear when we watch the show together. Too many ideas are hatched LOL.


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  1. Craft Wars + Skype = Best Tuesday nights ever! 🙂

    I was stumped on the lamp thing as well. Of course, I got ideas once they started working. Lol!

    I LOVE your idea for the bedroom! Ooohhh!! So pretty! 🙂

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