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Craft Wars Jewelry & Rock ‘n Roll Report

It’s Wednesday which means normally, Wordless Wednesday, but for now at least, since it’s on Tuesday nights, Wednesday is Craft Wars report day! YAY!!!!!

This week, another fabulous episode, I swear the show keeps getting better every week. I’m very impressed and find myself structuring my Tuesdays so I don’t miss a moment of the show.

First off, I really liked all of the competitors this week but Cole as indeed my early pick to win and he just seemed really down to earth and simply creative. I like that. One of my favourite parts of the show so far (other than the obvious shots of the craft closet of course) is the competitor profiles.  I like to get little insights into them and see where their imaginations take them.

Pop Craft

This week’s starter project was to make jewelery out of old speakers, headphones etc. What an odd combo, but my creative wheels started spinning almost as quickly as the competitors. I figure the show has the wonders of editing to speed it up so I can’t possible be that far behind right? 😉

The competitors did up bracelets and necklaces but my first thought was of course: TIARA!!!! I mean come on, every girl wants to be a Princess (we know Nonmom’s adoration of Princess Kate after all) and every Princess needs a tiara. And then I thought, matching bracelet. Naturally right?

My tiara would have been made from the band from a set of headphones, the curved ones. To secure it on your head, use the same technique as has been used for ages, clips. I know Michaels has them because I crafted hair flowers on the weekend, but that’s another post.

I would then have used the headphone wires and maybe some pretty ribbon to wrap the has plastic, we want it beautiful after all. Every tiara needs a centre focal piece. I would have used one of the ear pieces (the round donuty ones) and attached it. Then, again, it needs to be made beautiful. My thoughts were to wrap it in ribbon and then affix ‘jewels’ (again, I used them on the weekend and bought them at Michaels). You could also glitter on the ribbon, divine.

Now we need our matching bracelet which would coordinate of course.  I loved that Cole thought of the clasps and the judges noted that too.

I would have braided the headphone wires and incorporated a matching strand of ribbon from the tiara in that braid. And then we need charms right? Ear buds that are glittered would work. So would buttons that were glittered from the ghetto blaster or tape recorder.

No matter what, glitter makes it better 🙂

Master Craft

Wow again, I LOVED it. I am all about paint cans and cans in general lately. I saw a craft on Pinterest actually that used clothespins and tuna cans for tea light holders, I made a couple. LOVE! Darn, I’m getting sidetracked in my creative excitement again.

Ok, so the competitors were given paint cans and instruments and told to make something that would go in the Grammy Museum. I’ll be honest here, Minda’s snake was cool, but I didn’t quite get it, Cole’s award redux, I got. My main thing with Minda’s snake I guess was that I thought maybe more ‘musicy’ stuff could have gone into it. But it was definitely a cool concept. Perhaps using flutes to support the paint cans and the horn for the mouth but bent/warped into shape? It was cool though.

I am in craft-love with how Cole melted the duct tape. My husband heard about this and I am living in fear of a blowtorch showing up shortly. But hey, bonus, he’s now got a way to be crafty and manly! LOL

What would I have done? I would have done a framed 3D piece for the wall…but crafty! I would have used flutes to build a frame, spray paint them probably gold. Then for the interior I would have made it a sheet music concept. To build a treble clef I probably would have had an assistant bend some wire for me and again, spray paint gold, for the straight line part of the clef, use the top part of the guitar! Cool huh? And glitter it. We want this to shine! Use red glitter for the clef and notes. They’ll really pop that way from the gold.

To build the actual lines of the sheet music I would have curved them. To do that, use the guitars again. The bodies of them have a curve to them. Get maybe 3 of them (it’ll be a wide piece after all) and line them up. Use ribbon or wire or even guitar strings on the edges (you’d have a few layers of these to get your five lines, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge after all right?) to make them stand out.

For music notes, use the cymbals for the bases and drumsticks for the tails. Again, red glitter to make these pop. Do a couple of these in singles and multiples.

This would all be mounted on plywood to hold the weight FYI. But we need the plywood to look the part too right? Again, gold paint. But now we need texture. We don’t want to overdo the glitter, we want that to remain special, so how to add texture? Burlap! And it can be painted too so we’re all good. You could even use metal mesh but I like burlap.

For finishing touches, I would love to see the buttons on the flutes on the frame glittered in red to pop from the frame. Or adhere jewels to them so they sparkle.

Oh my, I could go on forever in details but I think that’s pretty good.

Wait, the paint cans! How could I forget those, I love them. Use them on the corners of the ‘frame’ and paint them to look like records. They’d be a bit too deep depending on their size so may have to be cut down but I think they would rock. Paint them black, another nice contrast with the red and gold and have red glittered centres on them to mimic the labels. The cymbals would also work for this but we’ve used a few instruments so I’m not too worried at this point about using the materials.

Ok, now I’m done.


How much do I love this show?!

What would you have done? Did you enjoy it? What was your favourite crafting supply they had to try to use?




One Response

  1. I want a flute frame. I want to set duct tape on fire. I’m all for any craft with clothespins.

    I may be IN LOVE with this show! 🙂

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