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Literary Classic Challenge Update Book 1 Done!

I have done it despite a crazy schedule and wacky summer, I have finished one of my challenge books and I must tell you, I absolutely loved it.

My first book: The Return of Sherlock Holmes. Why Holmes? Well, seeing as I met the guy a long time ago and even got his card I thought I better read about some of his cases ;).

Nonmom Sherlock HolmesAnd, since I got my e-reader, mine is a Kobo, I’ve been reading his other tales and I wanted to finish the set.

I always wanted to read the classics and never had time and even in high school when I tried to get into the English Lit class it was full so I’ve been working my way through a few over the years, Jane Austen is my favourite, and entering in this challenge just made perfect sense to me.

So here we go with my thoughts/impressions on the book.

I loved it. I love the logic, tone and voice of the stories. It feels like you’re right there with Watson as he’s relating these cases to you over a cup of tea on Baker Street, again, which I’ve been to, and where I met ‘Sherlock’ ;).

The stories may be based on cases but are a good length so that you can read them each in a sitting. That’s a bonus because you want to try and pick out the points that Holmes sees and try to get ahead of him…which I never did do, but I gave it a good effort.

The characters are rich and diverse, as are the cases. Even though I know the outcomes now, I could easily read and re-read these. They’re like puzzles that you can do over and over and they’re still fun.

What book from my list is next? I’m thinking one that I started years ago and never got to finish, Wuthering Heights.

Until then, happy reading!

Have you read any of the Holmes books? What appealed to you?


2 Responses

  1. You know, I’ve never read any Holmes books. I’m not sure why I never picked one up. I’m sure I would love them. I’ve seen several plays based on the books and found them delightful.

    Perhaps I should invest in some for the classroom….of course, then I would have to preview them 🙂

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