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A #CraftWars Halloween and Nonmom’s take on it


Did I scare you? Hope not! I want you to stick around after all 🙂

I swear the episodes of Craft Wars keep getting better and while my darling friend Casi and I continue to watch together, we tweet constantly throughout the show and even have been tweeted back by Stephen of Glitterville and Jo of Michaels. Eeeeeeeee! Crafting celebs are the best! And apparently I’m getting others to watch too as my friend Caroline messaged me and said she would watch more because I get so hyper about it, and I’m working on my friend Jackie too. We are so having another craft day!

Ok, so onto the show! Last night Tori came out dressed as Poison Ivy and she did look adorable, actually, so did all off the judges, I loved Jo as the Queen, too cool!

The theme as you have guessed or watched: Halloween. Which I swear to you I was JUST looking stuff up for on Pinterest yesterday. I swear that show reads my mind.

Pop Craft

This one was hard for me as I am a stuffed animal lover and I am so careful with my teddy bears it’s almost silly. I am the girl who has her coveted Harrods bears in a separate room, on shelves and in order of age ok. I’m not much better when it comes to my Bombay Company ones either. Yeah, you get the picture.

The contestants were asked to deconstruct stuffed animals (eeeeek!) and make them into Halloween themed pillows.

I must admit I would have done a combo of the two that advanced to the next round. I would have taken the toys and broken up a few of them and then randomly sewed them back together like a Tim Burton creation, but friendlier. I would have used a few different colours of the animals and perhaps had more than one face on it too. I loved the backpack idea that the one contestant used so I’d like to add that to the back too. And my friend Casi and I came up with using ribbon to disguise the stitches and look like scars, this ribbon would of course have glitter in it too. We need glitter. It’s essential. Plus, in the dark it will reflect and look spooky!

Master Craft

Again keeping with the episode theme of Halloween, the crafters were given the task of creating a lawn decoration out of garden items. Ideas immediately started flowing of course, and then I had to take a closer look at the specific materials:

  • Garbage bags
  • Garden hose
  • Rakes
  • Pots
  • Burlap
  • Gloves
  • Garbage can
  • Watering Can

My theme that I decided upon:  Boil boil, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble! The three witches of course! Can we tell I help out high school English and they had Macbeth last year? LOL

To start off, I would flat black paint the biggest pots there for my cauldron. If you use chalk board paint you could even write ‘Boil boil, toil & trouble’ on it and then re-use it later. Then again, if it rains that may come off so using white paint could work too. Totally up to you. For making the steam from the cauldron, use tulle or even the plastic wrap you use for wrapping presents and crinkle it up. Add some glitter and it will shine.

For the ‘fire’ use the rake heads. Spray paint them red and orange and add some glitter to reflect light and look like fire. Have them positioned like flames at the base of the cauldron.
Wrap tubing or boxes in burlap to simulate wood for the fire too. I would suggest something with a plastic coating as this will be outdoors.

Now we need the three witches. Tee hee! Ok, use the garbage cans flipped over for the bodies. The lids can be the heads. Secure with duct tape. I love duct tape. It rocks. If it’ll hold up on an open-wheel car at the track, it’ll hold a lid (but that’s a whole other story LOL). Cut up and drape the garbage bags as dresses for the witches. Use the lids as their faces. Paint scary faces on them. You can use strips of burlap for their hair too. Tres cool! Use another lid as a base for the hat or, I know Michaels has witch hats at Halloween so use one of those, again, duct tape to secure. If you want, you could use green duct tape in strips on the face lid. We need some colour after all. And for arms, use tubing wrapped in alternating purple and green strips of duct tape. For the hands, stuff leaves into the gloves and attach to the arms with duct tape. Again, waterproof in case it rains.

Witches need snakes as pets. Hello, garden hose!!!! You can again use duct tape to stripe them for fun. Hang in the tree above them and maybe one or two slithering around on the grass and near then cauldron. you could also wrap one around an arm on a witch!

For brooms, I didn’t actually see any in the supplies on the show but what you could do is modify the rakes. Add strips of burlap to the bottom and layer over the tines. Incorporate some raffia or rope to mimic an actual broom. From a distance it’ll work ;).

ALTERNATIVE: For the witches, in case you live in a windy area. For the heads, flip a pot over and put it on the garbage can, use a lid for the base of the hat and then use metal or something stronger for the cone part of the hat. Cover it all in tight garbage bag plastic to streamline it. The weight of the pot on the garbage can will help things to steady. You can also put a bag of leaves inside the garbage can which is flipped over to help steady it.

Hang orange or white lights in the tree (because I am lucky and have a tree in the centre of my front yard so I say this) to illuminate it all.

PS The cauldron can hold the candy too.

PPS If you do that, you can make 2 witches and dress up as the third to scare the trick-or-treaters. Don’t laugh, a neighbour did that when I was trick-or-treating and I totally did not know it was him. Totally worked.

Ok, I think that’s pretty scary awesome for me.

Again, they have 5 hours and a team. I have, well, me and whatever the camera decides to show me on the show LOL.

What would you have done? What is your favourite Halloween craft?



5 Responses

  1. Well… you saw what I did. 😉 Nice recap =)

  2. You should totally be a craft-lebrity 🙂

    Your ideas are phenomenal. I always get giddy during the show…well, you know that. You watch me tweet flail and “OMG” during the whole hour.

    I love all of your ideas for the pop and master craft as well! Spectacular recap and ideas as always! :))

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